KKL-JNF Wishes You a Happy and Safe Lag Baomer

As Lag Baomer approaches, KKL-JNF would like to remind the public of the rules of fire safety and ask them to make fewer bonfires that cause harmful pollution. For the festivities on Mount Meron, KKL-JNF has developed an access road for the crowds of visitors attending the celebration. Lag Baomer is not just about bonfires but also about hiking the trails of the Bar Kochba Revolt.

May 18, 2014 08:44
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KKL-JNF Wishes You a Happy and Safe Lag Baomer-1. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 Lag Baomer will be celebrated next Sunday with bonfires all over Israel. The weather is dry at this time of year, and there are strong warm winds that intensify the danger of wildfires.

KKL-JNF reminds the public of fire safety rules that must be followed:

Do not make bonfires in forests, near trees or near fields with dry brush.
Do not use branches that have any green leaves.
Do not throw trash into the bonfire, certainly no plastic, paint cans, disposable dishes or Styrofoam. When these materials burn they release toxic substances that pollute the air.
Do not leave smoldering coals or embers behind. Make certain that all bonfires have been completely extinguished!

Every year the smoke from bonfires causes environmental damage, because the air gets filled with toxic particles released by the bonfires, and there is an increase in the carbon dioxide levels that cause global warming. Air pollution surveys last Lag Baomer in the Jerusalem vicinity indicated an increase in the concentration of particles that pollute the air – 500 micrograms of toxic particles, compared with 50 on a regular day, a health hazard increased tenfold.  

KKL-JNF asks the public to minimize the number of bonfires and to combine them, for example to make a school bonfire instead of a class bonfire or to make only one neighborhood bonfire.

Thousands of visitors are expected at the traditional Lag Baomer celebrations on Mount Meron, and KKL-JNF has widened and improved the access road there. The work included forging the road and constructing the infrastructure for an escape route for motor vehicles and pedestrians 350 meters long. Developing the road was crucial for resolving the issue of evacuation in case of emergency. Until recently it was complicated to evacuate the site because of the winding paths and access roads. The new road provides easier access to the main points that need supervision, which will help the thousands of visitors and eliminate traffic jams at the entrance and exit from the site. The work was done in accordance with the requests and guidance of the Israel Police Security Division and in accordance with KKL-JNF's principles for maximum preservation of natural resources.

KKL-JNF invites the general public to take part in special Lag Baomer activities, free of charge, in Adulam France Park near Beit Shemesh, where there will be a hike to the ruins of a town from the days of Bar Kochba. 
The hike will take place on Friday, May 16, 2014, at 10:00 in the morning. Advance registration is required by calling the KKL-JNF Forest Hotline at 1-800-350-550.

For further information, comments or permission please contact
Ahuva Bar-Lev
KKL-JNF – Information and Internet Department

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