Bird-Watching for all the Family with KKL-JNF

A bird-watching course for the entire family that includes field trips and lectures from ornithological experts

November 16, 2016 15:41
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Bird-Watching for all the Family with KKL-JNF. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

This week KKL-JNF inaugurated a community bird-watching group in Omer, as part of the organization’s Community and Forest activities in southern Israel. At present, the group meets only at Omer, but KKL-JNF is planning to establish other meeting points throughout the country. 

The group is designed for families from Omer and its environs and for nature lovers, environmentalists and bird enthusiasts in general. “Israel is a world power, ornithologically speaking: so far around 550 species of bird have been observed throughout the country,” said KKL-JNF Chief Ornithologist Yaron Charka. “The course is designed to involve the whole community and create a framework for an enjoyable family activity during which participants will take part in field trips and lectures that will help them to learn to recognize bird species found in Israel.”
The course will be taught by Yaron Charka himself, by ecology and ornithology expert Dr. Eyal Shohat, and by guide Eilon Gur. The group will meet ten times over the course of the year, and there will also be two study trips, one to the Judean Desert and the other to the Western Negev, during which participants will learn about birds specific to these areas and about the community activities in which they themselves are engaged. 

Ornit Ginat, Community and Forest Coordinator in KKL-JNF’s Southern region, told us: “We’re very excited to be launching a group of this kind in Omer. Our country is an amazing habitat for birds that come to feed and rest here, and we wanted to make this a special experience for all the family, from the grandparents all the way down to the smallest children, so that they can enjoy a learning activity together. On the same day that the Omer group was launched, we attended a lecture on ornithology for residents of Mount Amsha. Bird-watching is a hobby that has been developing among large sections of the public over the past few years. We at KKL-JNF are glad to participate in this activity and teach families about Israel’s flora and fauna. In the meantime, the course is intended for residents of Omer and the surrounding area, but we’re planning to open additional courses all over the country, in accordance with public demand, of course.”  

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