Bird-watching in the Tel Aviv Metropolis

This natural gem in the heart of the bustling metropolis of Tel Aviv is expected to attract a variety of birds and thousands of nature and bird lovers.

November 9, 2016 16:13
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Bird-watching in the Tel Aviv Metropolis. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

The dream of the Bird-watching Center in Yarkon Park’s Rosh Tzippor Forest is steadily becoming a reality. On November 6th, KKL-JNF held a ceremony to unveil the plaque at the park, in the presence of donor Marc Besen, JNF Australia CEO Dan Springer, and JNF Victoria President Helen Shardey. 

The ceremony was attended by donor Marc Besen from Melbourne, Australia.  “When I was invited to take part in the establishment of Rosh Tzippor, I was very excited by the idea,” says 93-year old Besen.  He shared a meaningful memory of his meeting with Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, at Sde Boker in 1958, with those present:  “Ben Gurion spoke about his dream of settling the Negev, and I felt it was a wonderful thing to take part in his vision.  He also said that if many green areas are established here, then the birds will come.”

Architect Gideon Sarig greeted Besen and presented the bird-watching center plans to him.  The Rosh Tzippor Park, which spreads across 30 dunams (approx 7.5 acres), will include habitats that will attract birds of many different species.  

“This is a green corner in the heart of an urban area, in which everyone can connect with nature and with themselves,” says Hila Oren, CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation.  She thanked the participants in the name of the Mayor of Tel Aviv and added:  “The establishment of the park is a milestone in our joint vision.”

The work on the park is advancing quickly, in order to open the park to visitors this coming spring.  The workers didn’t even stop their work during the ceremony.  In the background, tractors could be seen lifting piles of sand in order to build the area of the green wetlands at the edge of the park.  The workers laid the final beams to strengthen the structures around the lake.

Ze'ev Kedem, KKL-JNF Director of Resource Development, noted that change in Israel is achieved through local pioneers and their supporters around the world.  “KKL plays a central role in changing the face of the country, and this is an example of a project that will make a change.  Thanks to this project, the children of the region will benefit from a fascinating bird-watching center.”

At the end of the event, Mark Besen, in a symbolic gesture, opened the water faucet to fill the spring.  “We will see you next year, when there will be water and birds here,” he promised with a smile.

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