600 Holocaust Survivors Enjoy Touring with KKL-JNF

Holocaust survivors from all over Israel embarked on two days of touring in southern and northern Israel, thanks to the generosity of Bindy and David Koadlow, friends of JNF Australia.

September 20, 2015 07:48
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600 Holocaust Survivors Enjoy Touring with KKL-JNF. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

While touring the landscapes in the north and south of Israel, the survivors enjoyed memorable moments in nature, connected to the beautiful landscapes and heard about diverse KKL-JNF projects for developing the land. 

“The KKL-JNF tours give us the good feeling that people think of us and care about us,” said Hanoch Lehrer, who is 83. “We enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and being in nature, and it couldn’t be any better,” he added with a big smile.

The trip was made possible by a contribution from Bindy and David Koadlow, friends of JNF Australia from Melbourne, who have been supporting this special project since 2013, and this year, for the first time, they joined the trip.

“Both of us have relatives that are Holocaust survivors, and we wanted to take part in a project that would give a good feeling to these people, who have a very hard life. We wanted to give them an enjoyable day in nature with their friends and an interesting tour in Israel,” said David Koadlow. “It’s making us happy to see them enjoying the trip, and I feel that a connection between us has been made.”

The trip was organized jointly by KKL-JNF and the AMCHA organization, which provides the survivors with a supportive social framework and a variety of activities to do in their free time. Around 600 survivors from all over Israel took part in the event.

“For years, Holocaust survivors had a hard time getting the feeling of belonging and having roots, which explains the great importance of going on excursions in Israel,” said Elisheva Flamm-Oren, Director of Development, Projects and Community Relations at AMCHA. “As the New Year approaches, there is a feeling of renewal and growth, so we are all feeling uplifted,” she said.

In the Negev region, the travelers visited HaMalachim Shahariya Forest and enjoyed its walking trails historical sites; the Netiv Halamed Heh water reservoir, where they learned all about how KKL-JNF's advanced water technologies are increasing Israel's water sources.

In northern Israel, the visitors split up into groups. One group hiked in Nahal Hashofet, in Haamakim Park and in the Carmel Forest, the other group visited the KKL-JNF Seed Centre in Beit Nehemia, in Ilanot Forest and in Nahal Alexander Italy Park.  

Both days ended in festive events, with food, music, singing, and dancing. 

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