Gaza Evacuees in Halutza, 10 Years Later

Interviews with former Gaza evacuees living in their new homes in the Halutza region, built by KKL-JNF with the support of JNF USA and KKL-JNF's other Friends worldwide.

August 11, 2015 09:51
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Gaza Evacuees in Halutza. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

Ten years after the evacuation of 21 Jewish communities in Gaza as part of the Israeli government's disengagement plan, the Gush Katif evacuees are scattered far and wide over Israel and a significant percentage are still waiting to move into permanent homes. 

Despite the hardships, the three pioneering communities in the region of Halutza, an Israeli desert region near Egypt and Gaza, tell a story of Zionsim and hope. The communities – named Shlomit, Bnei Netzarim and Naveh after the 3 communities that they were forced to leave behind in Gush Katif - are comprised of 250 families so far, who are slowly picking up the pieces and starting over.
The 3 Halutza communities, whose essential infrastructure, roads, public buildings and landscaping were built by KKL-JNF with the support of JNF USA and other KKL-JNF Friends and Partners worldwide, have brought life to this previously uninhabited region, which is now populated with blooming farms and solar fields. 
Five of the residents talk to Megan E. Turner about their previous lives in Gush Katif, describe their lives now, 10 years since the disengagement, and express their hopes and dreams for the future.

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