Golani Soldiers Clean up the Forests of Northern Israel

The day after the Independence Day holiday, some 800 recruits from the IDF Golani Brigade descended upon KKL-JNF forests and recreation areas throughout Galilee to clean up the woodlands.

May 18, 2016 14:15
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Golani Soldiers Clean up the Forests of Northern Israel . (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

This initiative, which came from the Brigade itself, was designed to strengthen the soldiers’ connection to the landscapes of their homeland. KKL-JNF, naturally, at once became involved in this important project.  

“Today we’re showing the soldiers that loving one’s country isn’t just words, it’s actions as well,” said Second Lieutenant Binyamin Tzuriel, who commands a Golani division. “We’ve suspended training in order to experience the countryside with our hands and feet. I believe that days like these strengthen the soldiers, because they remind them what we’re fighting for.” 

Sites that received the Golani volunteer treatment extended over Upper, Lower and Western Galilee, and included Switzerland Forest, Lavie Forest, Ein Zeitim Recreation Area, the Biriya Scenic Route, Shaar HaCarmel Recreation Area, Kiryat Ata Forest, Segev Forest and Ahihud Forest. 

Like his fellow recruits, Adar Zohar-Hanetz of Tel Aviv joined the army only two months ago. While painstakingly cleaning up Ahihud Forest he said, “I wanted to serve in a combat unit to protect the country and my home and family. I love exploring the countryside, but I always take a bag with me for rubbish.”

Crowds of people spent Independence Day in KKL-JNF forests all over Israel, but unfortunately not all of them took care to clean up after their day nature, and the young soldiers were kept busy picking up the rubbish they had left behind.
“This is a wonderful joint effort,” declared Walid Sa‘id, a KKL-JNF forester in the Hanita-Maalot bloc, who welcomed the soldiers and explained to them how important the woodlands are. “The soldiers get a sense of the forest and nature, and it’s an opportunity to clean up areas that we normally don’t get round to,” he added.
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