Recreation Area for Fallen IDF Captain Tal Nahman

February 24, 2016 15:55
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Recreation Area for Fallen IDF Captain Tal Nahman. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 Tal Recreation Area (Henyon Tal) inaugurated in the Be'eri region in the Negev, in memory of Captain Tal Nahman, an IDF Field Intelligence Officer who was killed on duty on February 4th, 2014.

Some 400 family members, friends and army comrades arrived to honor Captain Tal Nahman, the IDF Field Intelligence Officer who was killed during operational duty on the 4th of February 2014, exactly two years ago. The event took place at the newly established Tal Recreation Area (Henyon Tal), a rest and recreation area along Shvil Tal - the Tal Trail - a 10km hiking and cycling route that was established last year in his memory by his family and KKL-JNF near Kibbutz Be’eri in the Western Negev. 

The inauguration ceremony began with a forty minute hike along the Tal Trail led by veteran Be’eri resident Rami Haruvi, who gave an enthralling account of how Kibbutz Be’eri was founded in 1946 “on the eve of Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement, by a group of young Zionist pioneers”, including his own parents. The walk also gave the participants an opportunity to see for themselves the magnificent landscapes the route presents, before their arrival at the Tal Recreation Area (Henyon Tal), a newly constructed resting place and water stop, where the formal inauguration ceremony took place. 

At the Tal Recreation Area, KKL-JNF Israel Fundraising Director Michael Ben Abu welcomed the participants, including Tal’s parents Nesi and Sima and his two brothers Dor and Omer. He told them that KKL-JNF channels enormous resources to honor fallen soldiers and preserve their memories. “It’s a task”, he said “that we consider holy.  May the memory of Tal Nahman be rooted here in this place forever.” 

Tal’s father Nesi explained that they chose the area of Kibbutz Be’eri to forge the route several reasons. “Tal served in this area and was killed not far from here”, he said, gesturing towards the Gaza Border. “He loved cycling and hiking, and often took his troops on marches and funs runs through these fields. So the idea of the trail came naturally, when we thought of ways to perpetuate his memory”.

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