International Conference in Sde Boker: Combating Desertification Together

The 5th International Conference on Arid Regions, Deserts and Desertification opened on November 18th on a Tuesday morning at the Sde Boker campus of Ben Gurion University.

November 20, 2014 15:58
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International Conference 758x530. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 The theme of this year's conference is Healthy Lands, Healthy People.

Desertification is a phenomenon in which arid regions become unproductive and useless for humankind. Scientists agree that the reduction in the fertility of the soil is influenced by a combination of soil preservation policies, management of water and energy systems, agricultural practices, global warming and climate change.
Over 500 people from 60 countries are attending the conference this year, including research scientists, representatives of government ministries, industrialists, NGO executives, diplomats and students. Among the main topics being addressed at the conference are: desert afforestation, sustainable agriculture, economic development for rehabilitating arid regions, forestry and grazing in arid areas, public health in deserts, rehabilitating ecosystems, rehabilitating water systems, soil rehabilitation and environmental education. In addition to presentations, workshops and discussion forums, field excursions have also been scheduled.
KKL-JNF is involved in many of the above enterprises and has earned international acclaim for the knowledge it has acquired in the fields of combating desertification; such as afforestation of arid regions, water source development, agricultural development and residential development. KKL-JNF shares its accrued knowledge with neighboring countries in the Middle East and other countries in the world, some of them in Africa and Asia. 
A special forum at the conference dedicated to afforestation of arid regions was led by KKL-JNF.
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