JNF KKL Scotland Musical Fundraising Event a Success

JNF KKL Scotland held its annual fundraising event in Glasgow on February 15th 2015.

February 18, 2015 08:23
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Scotland Musical Fundraising Event 758. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 Among the five hundred or so participants were President of JNF KKL Scotland Stanley Lovatt, members of the Board, a representative of the Israeli Embassy in Scotland and JNF UK Envoy Shai Bazak. Performances by violinist Nicola Benedetti and a trio of opera singers delighted members of the large audience who attended this highly successful event. 

The JNF KKL Scotland fundraiser was held in the events hall at the Hilton Hotel, where Bill Clinton, Colin Powell and Goldie Hawn were hosted by KKL-JNF on earlier occasions. President of JNF KKL Scotland Stanley Lovatt chaired the event, at which JNF UK Envoy and Head of Mission Shai Bazak was the principal speaker. 

Shai Bazak presented KKL-JNF’s varied activities for the benefit of the Jewish People and the State of Israel by showing the film KKL-JNF in Numbers, which was greeted with applause. In his speech he said: “The Jewish National Fund is a wonderful organization. For over 114 years now, KKL-JNF has been steadfastly helping the Jewish People and the State of Israel by developing land and communities, planting trees, developing water resources and by contributing to the improvement of educational and health services for children from all sectors of Israeli society. KKL-JNF also helps to improve the environment, and thus affects the lives of millions of people throughout Israel. 

“I should like to take this opportunity to thank you, my friends, for your support and help,” he said. “When you help KKL-JNF, you are helping the State of Israel, our children and the future of us all.”

During the event, three “waiters” who had been mingling with the large crowd that filled the hall astonished all those present by suddenly breaking into operatic song. The famous Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti also performed, and earned loud applause from her audience.

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