KKL-JNF and Desert Agriculture Latin American Diplomats visit the Negev

Israel is famous for its cutting-edge achievements in desert agriculture, which are made possible by applied agricultural research supported by KKL-JNF.

November 2, 2014 14:08
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KKL-JNF and Desert Agriculture 758x530. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 A group of diplomats from Latin America visited the region at the beginning of October to learn about Israeli desert technology and see how it might be applied in their countries.

As hawks flew majestically over green fields in the quiet of the Negev desert morning, it was hard to imagine that just over a month ago, local communities were withstanding daily attacks by thousands of missiles fired by Hamas from the nearby Gaza Strip. On October 5, a group of Central American diplomats visited the region to see how KKL-JNF helps the resilient residents of this region to carry on with their daily lives despite the difficulties they face from both natural and political challenges.

The delegation was led by Costa Rican Ambassador Rodrigo Xavier Carreras. He was accompanied by his assistant Miriam Shtern and her husband Baruch Shtern; Costa Rican Embassy Deputy Chief (Ministra Consejera) Fanny Velázquez Gonzalez and her husband Lennard Bos and daughter Hendrina; Counselor and Charge of Consular Affairs of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic Marcela Santana Guerrero and her husband Jimmy Edison López Paredes and daughter Sofía ;  Chile Embassy Deputy Chief  Oscar Eduardo Alcataman; and Embassy of El Salvador Deputy Chief Irma Lidia Ortega Vallecillo.

Accompanied by KKL-JNF Latin American Department Director Ariel Goldgewicht and Latin American Department coordinators Demian Krzymuski and Gioia Menasce, the diplomats began their day with an overview of the area at the Black Arrow Memorial site, which commemorates a 1955 military operation against Egyptian forces in Gaza led by Ariel Sharon, then commander of the Paratroop Brigade, in order to stop infiltrations into Israeli territory.

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