Start-up Israel: KKL Italy November Mission Learns about Israel's Past and Future

The changing light caused by the interplay of sun and clouds, along with the mild weather, make autumn one of the best times of the year to visit Israel.

November 9, 2014 12:06
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Start-up Israel 758x530. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

The November 2014 KKL Italy Mission learned about Israel's past and future, visiting sites from the north to the south during an intensive and unforgettable seven-day trip. 

"This is a very diverse group, there is a range of ages, from two-and-a- half to 94," said Shariel Gun, KKL-JNF liaison to Italy, describing the KKL Italy November 2014 mission that was in Israel from October 31 to November 7.  The mission, which included about 20 KKL-JNF supporters from Rome, Milan, Florence and Turin, toured the country from north to south, with special emphasis on KKL-JNF Italy projects such as Italy Park along the banks of the Alexander River and other sites. 

"We named the trip 'Start-up Israel'," Shariel said, "because we wanted the participants to see the connection between forests and historical sites and the cutting-edge technological developments that Israel is famous for. For example, we were at Intel Jerusalem the other day, and we'll also visit the Western Negev Agricultural Research and Development Station supported by KKL-JNF." 

Tuesday, November 4 was devoted to northern Israel, where the day began at Biriya Forest in the Upper Galilee, near the city of Tzfat. From the watchtower, mission participants had a breathtaking view of the forest and could see how the forest had come back to life since the Second Lebanese War, when Hezbollah missiles caused thousands of acres of trees to go up in flames. The group also visited one of the most popular sites in the forest, Biriya Fortress, which was built in 1945 by the Palmach and today serves as an educational center for youth and a tourist attraction. 

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