Small Children – Big Helping Hand

Carmel Forest Rehabilitation Continues - Five months have passed since the fire in the Carmel, and the steady flow of volunteers from Israel and abroad has continued.

May 9, 2011 14:43

KKL_090511_E. (photo credit: KKL)

Five months have passed since the fire in the Carmel, and the steady flow of volunteers from Israel and abroad has continued.  As of now, KKL-JNF has received approximately 6,000 volunteers, who come to work for a day or several days to help rehabilitate the forest.  On Wednesday, May 4th, we met two exceptional groups of children in the Carmel – a group of children from France and Israel, and a group of Yeshiva students from Denver, Colorado in the U.S. 

A group of 50 ten and eleven-year-old pupils from the Yegel Yaakov School in Paris proved that even small children can perform great deeds.  They were joined by fifty of their peers from the Nativ Eliezer Carmel School in Haifa.  Eitan Abutbul, an eleven-year-old pupil from Paris, spoke in fluent Hebrew: "It's fun to come to the forest, and we want to help make the country greener.  I was very sad to see the fire on television in France.  I'm proud to have the opportunity to come and help.  When children from Israel and France work together, it's proof that all Jews in the world are united." 

The children looked out over the burnt forest from a lookout point before they began their work.  The children from France had only seen the forest on television, but for the Israeli children it was close to home.  The eyes of the children from both countries sparkled with excitement when they heard that they would be helping to preserve the forest by pruning trees and creating fire lines to prevent fires in the future.  The children undertook their jobs as if they were on a pioneering mission. 

The one hundred children received brief instructions in Hebrew and French from KKL-JNF foresters, and quickly dispersed throughout the Ofer Forest, to begin working.  They pruned branches, removed the cuttings, and created a protective firebreak in the green forest.  Holding large pruning shears in their small hands, they diligently tended every branch, and fought relentlessly for the future of the forest as only children can.

"When I heard about the fire I was very sad because of the people who were KKLkilled, the wildlife that didn't manage to escape, and the trees that were destroyed," said Rivka Ezaoui, a pupil from France.  "There is a forest opposite my home, so I know how important it is to live close to nature.  Today we proved that even small children can help the country if everyone does what they can for Israel."

Jamal Fahmawi, a KKL-JNF forester in the Carmel, explained that this was the first time that such young volunteers had come to the forest.   Observing the children at work, he exclaimed excitedly, "They work really well for kids their age!"  It became evident that this was not only an educational activity, but a genuine contribution towards preserving the forest.

The idea of a meeting between children from Israel and France was initiated by the Naze' family who made Aliya to Israel from France.  Their three children previously attended the Jewish school in Paris, and now attend the school in Haifa.  They were responsible for establishing contact between the two schools and both schools were pleased to implement the idea.   

Lisa Naze', the mother of the family, said, "I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for the children to meet each other. On a personal level, the meeting helped me make a wonderful connection between our previous life in France and my present life in Israel. I hope that the meeting will encourage other families to make Aliya. I would tell the children's parents that despite the fact that it's not easy to get used to a new country, Israel will always be the home for every Jew."

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