New Visitors Center Opened at Ilanot Arboretum

This innovative new visitors’ center gives visitors a unique forest experience, and was built thanks to Friends of KKL-JNF in Denmark.

July 13, 2017 17:02
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New Visitors Center Opened at Ilanot Arboretum. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

The Ilanot Arboretum visitors’ center, which is now open to the public, provides visitors with a unique experience that combines a walk through the forest with attractions such as a virtual bicycle ride and other interactive displays.

Ilanot Forest was first planted in the 1950s as an acclimatization forest, with the intention of testing the suitability of various trees imported from other countries to the conditions in Israel. Hundreds of species of trees were planted over the years in this special forest, and two years ago the site was declared a botanical garden.

The forest had been neglected for many years until KKL-JNF took responsibility and began to care for it. It was made accessible for people with physical challenges thanks to from the support of JNF USA: paths suitable for wheelchairs were paved, and audio guidance stations suitable for the visually impaired were installed. Due to these efforts, KKL-JNF was awarded Israel’s accessibility prize.

Recently, the site has made a significant jump forward, thanks to its new and advanced visitor’s center, which was built thanks to friends of KKL-JNF in Denmark. The modern new center exposes visitors to the experience of visiting the forest using innovative technology. At the present, the center has opened its gates for a trial run, and the first visitors are arriving to enjoy the experience.

“This is my first time here, and it really is something special,” said 13 year-old Noam Guagnin from Tzur Hadassah, as she left the visitors center. “There are a lot of really nice activities here that also make the visit into an enjoyable experience for young kids. I especially enjoyed riding the bicycle with the virtual reality glasses and participating in the interactive quiz.’


Find out more and watch video about the Ilanot visitors’ center

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