Relax Outdoors and Sit in a KKL-JNF Sukkah

In the center of the country, KKL-JNF’s forest rangers will set up sukkahs in seven different popular sites

September 21, 2010 13:41
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KKL-JNF. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 “You will dwell in booths seven days” (Leviticus 23:42)
As a service to the public enjoying the Sukkot festival outdoors, KKL-JNF is setting up sukkahs in its forests around the country.  This will enable those wishing to observe the commandment of sitting in a sukkah to do so, adding immeasurably to the pleasure of their vacation time. The sukkahs will be built in sites that attract the greatest number of visitors throughout the year, and are especially popular during the festivals.

In the north, kosher sukkahs will be built at the Biryah Fortress and the Hula Lake Park where thousands of people will throng to take part in the varied activities offered during the festival.  At the Lavi Forest, the sukkah will be set up on Sunday, September 26, in special honor of the olive harvest event that KKL-JNF is holding on that day.In the center of the country, KKL-JNF’s forest rangers will set up sukkahs in seven different popular sites: At the Osem Porat recreation site in the Sharon, at Bar Bahar in the American Independence Forest near Moshav Bar Giora, at Srigim recreation site in the Masuah Forest beside the Kennedy Memorial in the Aminadav Forest, and also at the Sataf site.  In the Ben Shemen Forest (Tel Hadid) the sukkah will be set up on Monday, September 27, for the olive harvest festival that will take place that day.  In the Jerusalem Metropolitan Park – in which KKL-JNF is a partner with the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Nature and National Parks Authority -- two sukkahs will be erected: at Einot Telem and Lifta.

In the south, vacationers will be able to enjoy the mitzvah of the sukkahs at the Angels Forest, Yeruham Park and also in the Golda Park.

All the sukkahs (apart from the olive harvest days) will be open to the general public throughout all the days of the festival, starting from Thursday, September 23 until the following Thursday, September 30.  Everyone is warmly invited!

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