Russian-Speaking Journalist Deputation Visits Israel

January 19, 2017 13:41
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Russian-Speaking Journalist Deputation Visits Israel . (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

KKL-JNF recently hosted a delegation of Russian-speaking journalists from all over the world. During their visit in Israel, the delegates took part in festive KKL-JNF 115th anniversary celebrations in Tel Aviv.


“Every nation lives beneath its own sky, which is precisely the same size as the area of ground beneath its feet.”

This sentence passed into the history of the Jewish People at the start of the last century when it was pronounced by Zionist leader Menahem Ussishkin, the fourth chairman of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund. Ussishkin devoted his life and energies to the acquisition of territory in the Land of Israel, and this statement, which inspired his Zionist activism, was the banner under which the celebrations of the 115th anniversary of the founding of KKL-JNF took place.


On December 20th, a special event organized by KKL-JNF Euro-Asia was held at the Gesher Theater in Tel Aviv for members of Israel’s Russian-speaking population, and it drew large crowds.

The event, held in the presence of Minister of Immigrant Absorption Sofa Landver, was attended by Russian-speaking residents of Israel, guests from abroad, Knesset members, mayors, journalists and KKL-JNF staff members.

The 115th anniversary celebrations began early in the morning with tours organized by KKL-JNF’s Russian-speaking department for participants from sixteen major cities in Israel. Visits to KKL-JNF sites were led by Russian-speaking guides, who had undergone a special course designed to extend KKL-JNF activities to the Russian-speaking community, in order to increase this sector’s involvement in KKL-JNF’s work and strengthen its identification with the Land of Israel. 

An exhibition of historical photos from the KKL-JNF photo archive was on display in the lobby of the Gesher Theater, portraying events and major landmarks in the annals of settlement in the Land of Israel and the creation of the Jewish State, with special emphasis on the role played by KKL-JNF. 


After the reception, honored guests lit the Hanukkah candles, and a special festive concert took place by their light.


Among those participating in the event was a delegation of journalists from Russian-language media outlets in the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.


These journalists were visiting Israel at the invitation of KKL-JNF Euro-Asia. During their stay they visited KKL-JNF sites all over the country, met with staff members from the organization, and talked with KKL-JNF World Chairman Danny Atar.


Watch video of Russian-speaking media delegation's visit in Israel

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