Update: Six days of battling the flames throughout Israel

KKL-JNF foresters have been fighting fires in forests and open spaces around the clock; at this stage, more than 2,750 acres of forest have been burned in 58 wildfires.

November 27, 2016 15:47

Update: Five Days of Battling the Flames throughout Israel. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

As of Sunday, about 2,500 firefighters have been contending with approximately 630 fires throughout Israel. One and a half million tons of liquids and fire inhibitors were dumped on the ground in over 480 airplane sorties.

Hundreds of houses have gone up in flames, tens of thousands of people were evacuated, and 133 people were injured. KKL-JNF announced a general mobilization of its
firefighting network, along with additional staff that joined the effort to save the forests. More than 300 KKL-JNF staff and firefighters, together with 20 fire trucks and heavy mechanical equipment are assisting firefighting operations in the forests and open spaces.

After six days of fires all over Israel, a number of which were caused by arson, firefighters were largely able to contain the flames with the help of additional forces from abroad.


More: Video, photos, and live, dynamic fire map

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