KKL-JNF Tree and Plant Nurseries

Growing plants and keeping Israel green is both a science and an art. KKL-JNF's three tree and plant nurseries, which are located in the country's southern, northern and central regions

September 21, 2014 08:11
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KKL-JNF Tree and Plant Nurseries 758x530. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

  are laboratories where different species of trees and plants are grown for Israel's forests and open spaces.

The Bible compares trees to people, and like people, they speak, expressing their needs and general state of wellbeing through their size, color, trunk density, and more. The workers at KKL-JNF's nurseries learn to communicate with the trees, and they know that communication is good when they produce healthy trees that survive and thrive. 
In the past, each forester was responsible for his own parcel of forest, and he basically did what he saw fit, based on his individual knowledge and experience. Today, there is national and regional long-term and short-term planning for KKL-JNF's forests and parks, and the nurseries supply the trees and shrubs best suited to each particular site. 

Each of KKL-JNF's 3 nurseries, which are technically part of KKL-JNF's Afforestation Division, cater to the specific needs and climatic conditions of the region in which it is located - north, south and central Israel.

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