Argentina and KKL-JNF sign agreement for environmental collaboration

The accord was signed during the historic visit to Argentina made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was accompanied by KKL-JNF Vice Chairman Hernán Felman.

October 26, 2017 13:23
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KKL Argentina executives

KKL Argentina executives. (photo credit: COURTESY KKL ARGENTINA)

"We took the opportunity of the Prime Minister's visit to Argentina during his historic trip to Latin America to sign an agreement between KKL-JNF and the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina", said KKL-JNF World Vice Chairman Hernán Felman.

Netanyahu's trip marked the first official visit of an acting Israeli Prime Minister to Argentina. As Felman explains: "Unfortunately, throughout the history of the State of Israel, the Latin American continent has been considered irrelevant to Israel. However, I am proud that the current Israeli government is reversing this trend and realizing the viability and potential of Latin America. The opportunity was seized."

The Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) held an emotional tribute in honor of the 85 victims killed in the 1994 AMIA bombing. Mr. Felman attended the ceremony along with the Israeli delegation, the families of the victims and state authorities.

The Israeli community of Argentina organized the official state reception in the Prime Minister’s honor at the Alvear Hotel in Buenos Aires. Mr. Hernán Felman, in his capacity of KKL-JNF Vice Chairman, awarded the highest KKL-JNF recognition - inscription in the Golden Book - to a prominent member of the Argentinean Jewish Community.

In the framework of his visit, Felman met with the new Board of Directors of KKL Argentina, which is headed by KKL Argentina President Ulises Taitelbaum. Mr. Taitelbaum assumed his position less than a year ago and since then has promoted significant projects. During the meeting, the first year's performance was reviewed and future goals were set.

Among the many projects undertaken by KKL Argentina under Taitelbaum’s leadership is the KKL-JNF agreement signed with the Argentinean Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development. The accord is the result of previous talks held during the meeting between Environmental Minister Rabbi Sergio Bergman and KKL-JNF representatives last July in Israel.

The accord is based on a partnership agreement between the State of Israel and Argentina in the area of environment and development, and environmental protection through tree plantation and water treatment. The main goal is that KKL-JNF's expertise and progress in the field of afforestation serve as a useful model for the plantation of one million trees in Argentina.

The agreement was successfully concluded between Vice Chairman Hernán Felman and Argentinian Minister Rabbi Sergio Bergman, in cooperation with executive members of KKL Argentina and the BAMÁ Foundation, with the aim of conducting the first pilot test in an Argentinian school in November.

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