Selecting a Christmas tree at Givat Yeshayahu

Almost 1000 trees were distributed in Nazareth, the Shfar'am Nursery, Bethlehem and Givat Yeshayahu.

Picking out a tree for Christmas at KKL-JNF's Givat Yeshayahu offices (photo credit: YOAV DEVIR KKL-JNF)
Picking out a tree for Christmas at KKL-JNF's Givat Yeshayahu offices
(photo credit: YOAV DEVIR KKL-JNF)
KKL-JNF has several distribution points in its forests in the center and north of Israel where for a token fee people can get trees for Christmas.
Promoting harmony between the religions coexisting in Israel is the key to creating a better life here. All year long, KKL-JNF’s activities focus on developing Israel for the benefit of all its inhabitants, regardless of their religion. Distributing Christmas trees to embassy representatives from all over the world, clergymen and anyone who wants one, is a great example of this collaboration.
“We planted these tree plots years ago, in order to meet the demand during Christmas time”, says Elisha Mizrachi of the KKL-JNF Public Relations Department. “It is part of our vision of shared life for Christians, Muslims and Jews in Israel”.
This year the trees were distributed in several distribution points in the north and the center of Israel: Nazareth, the Shfar’am Nursery, Bethlehem of Galilee, and the KKL-JNF Center in Givat Yeshayahu. Almost 1000 trees were distributed in these four locations.
Sasha Klayachkina from Givat Yeshayahu, who made Aliyah from Russia, came to choose a tree with her husband, Yoni, and her daughter, Daphna. “We celebrate Novy God, the Russian New Year’s Eve, and it’s nice to have a green tree at home, it adds to the atmosphere and has such a nice fragrance. The holiday reminds us of our childhood, before we came to Israel, and the tree is an important part of this celebration”.
At the distribution center in Givat Yeshayahu people are welcomed by KKL-JNF staff – Jewish, Muslim and Christian - who help the visitors choose a tree and load it into their car. Yet another reminder of the fact that we all live in this country together.
“Israel is blessed with a wonderful freedom of religion, which is based on mutual respect and the fact that every community feels confident in its own beliefs and gives other religions room”, says Judith Liber from Tel Aviv. “Every year we receive a tree from KKL-JNF, which has been so committed to helping us keep our tradition”.

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