New video game depicts Israel-Palestinian conflict

October 22, 2006 18:31

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has played out on the world stage for decades. Next year the conflict is also scheduled to play out on computer screens in people's homes. "Global Conflicts: Palestine" is part of a trend of politically inspired video games that are part entertainment, part political science lesson. "The vision is to reach a new target group which is not easily reached by traditional sources," said Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, CEO of Serious Games Interactive, the Danish company that came up with the concept. "The purpose is to give them something more than the occasional sound bite." The plot puts the player in the shoes of a young journalist who navigates the streets of a city that resembles Jerusalem, seeking out Palestinian and Israeli sources for an assignment, Egenfeldt-Nielsen said. At the start of the mission, the player can choose to be pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, or neutral.

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