10 Totally Perfect Christmas Gifts from Israel

Holiday gift giving has permeated American and European culture so much so that just about everyone is expected to take part in gift giving in some respect.

November 13, 2014 10:50
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 From office gift exchanges to gifts for friends and family, the giving and receiving of presents is not limited to those who celebrate particular holidays. This holiday season, show your love of Israel to those who love Christmas by giving gifts direct from Israel – and the options aren’t just Judaica or Jewish themed!

Here are the hottest picks for Christmas gifts, all authentic, direct from Israel, and guaranteed to delight:
1. Dead Sea Cosmetics – Instead of peppermint spice foaming hand cream or vanilla eggnog bath scrub, try something more authentically Christmas – Dead Sea cosmetics. With black mud Dead Sea soap starting at $3.99, you can find something more consequential than your typical “holiday” scents for everyone on your list.

2. Anointing Oil – Made from 100% pure olive oil from Jerusalem and blended with plants native to Israel, anointing oil is a popular item for Christians. Myrrh is a great scent for the Christmas season and a proper choice for folks a bit more on the religious side.

3.  Olive Wood Carvings – Another brilliant product from Israel’s natural abundance is olive woodcarvings. The richness of the olive wood shines in every single carved item. Christmas favorites include an olive wood nativity set, Christmas tree ornaments, and New Testament figurines. You can also find elegant jewelry boxes, lovely home decorations, practical kitchen accessories, and more in distinctive olive wood.

4. Armenian Ceramics – Did you know that Israel is the home to a sizeable Armenian Christian community? The Armenians, who arrived as refugees from religious persecution, brought their fabulous ceramic traditions to Israel. Gorgeous bold and striking Armenian ceramics are now one of the most popular souvenirs from Israel that is made in Jerusalem and definitely make an extraordinary gift.

5. Israeli Clocks – A fitting gift for Christmas, Israeli clocks will defy your expectations of a clock. From a traditional look with Armenian ceramics, to a funny one like a Barbara Shaw falafel clock, or a modern look with a funky map of Jerusalem, there are Israeli clocks for all tastes. An Israeli clock will bring appreciation and enjoyment for a long time.

6. Jewelry Box – A timeless Christmas gift, try giving a jewelry box with a Holy Land twist. Olive wood sourced in Israel is a particularly Christmassy option as is one that features a Jerusalem motif. For a real surprise, stock the jewelry box with some Israeli-made jewelry – your gift recipients will be speechless!

7. Blessing Jewelry – The Jewish and Christian faith have the Old Testament in common. Charm your recipients with a blessing-based piece of jewelry, many in Hebrew. With over 500 different pieces of unique blessing jewelry, you’re sure to find something alluring that will bring its wearer joy.

8. Welcome Decorations – If there is one Hebrew word that’s become well-known it is “Shalom.” Hello, goodbye, and peace – all in one word. Shalom decorations are some of the most popular home decorations for people of all faiths & make a magnificent gift.

9. Israel Museum Products – For History buffs, the Israel Museum has plenty to offer for Christmas. Breathtaking replicas, exciting Dead Sea Scrolls items, sensational maps from antiquities, and more can help satisfy your history loving gift recipients for many years to come. They also offer replicas of classic Judaica and Jewish items and their loveliness resonates with people of all faiths.

10. Israeli Flag & IDF Swag – From hats to pins to t-shirts and more, Israeli flag & IDF goodies are a boundless way for Christians to show their support for Israel. With prices starting at a friendly $2.50, it’s a great add-on to gifts or a small token of appreciation.

Need more ideas? Browse our Judaica & Israeli products website. Have an idea? Leave it in the comments.

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