A lasting impression

Even though he no longer has an official position, Peres has not retired but has entered into a new venture to facilitate business opportunities between Israelis and Arabs.

July 31, 2014 13:40
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Students of the Gidonim Reut High School traveled to Poland to spend eight days cleaning up and restoring the Jewish cemetery in Czestochowa.. (photo credit: Courtesy)

FOR SEVERAL summers now, students of the Gidonim Reut High School have traveled to Poland to help clean up and restore the Jewish cemetery in Czestochowa, which is approximately the same distance from Krakow as Tel Aviv is from Jerusalem. At the end of their annual mission, a ceremony is held in which each student is asked to visit the grave that left an impression on him or her and to state why. Sometimes it’s because it is the grave of a relative. Sometimes it’s because the student and the deceased share the same name. Sometimes it’s simply because the grave was overgrown with weeds and the student had made it presentable.

Another aspect of the ceremony is the reading of a letter from one of the school’s former principals, the late Aryeh Geiger who, together with Dina Weiner, initiated the cemetery project.


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