The other side of the tracks

Shuafat residents anticipate the launch of the light rail in their neighborhood with a mixture of excitement and indifference.

April 7, 2011 20:24
Halal butcher

Halal butcher 521. (photo credit: SETH J. FRANTZMAN)

Ahmed, 18, and Zaher, 20, run a small supermarket on the main street that leads from Shuafat to Beit Hanina. It is just 50 meters from where the tracks recently laid for the new Jerusalem light rail take an abrupt right turn towards Pisgat Ze’ev. The Abu Khudeir market isn’t the most thriving place, and the young men are eager to talk about the new tram.

“It will be harder for people with cars, I think, but easier for people like us who use public transportation,” says Ahmed. He thinks the train will have problems but can’t pinpoint what they will be.


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