British police may arrest Khatami

Former Iranian president could be questioned under UK anti-torture law.

October 29, 2006 13:18

Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami may be detained by police when he arrives in Britain this week, London's Sunday Times reported. Police could question Khatami under a British law that allows authorities to arrest any person suspected of complicity in torture when he enters the country. Two Iranian exiles have claimed that they were tortured during Khatami's term as president, the Times reported. The men said they were arrested and jailed several years ago after attending student rallies. The former Iranian president has been invited to accept an honorary doctorate from St. Andrews University, but the university's chancellor, who was to present the degree to Khatami, cancelled the engagement under pressure from politicians and student groups, the Times report said. The university planned to confer the degree on Khatami, widely regarded as a moderate, for his efforts at political reform in Iran.

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