Bush renews threat of UN sanctions against Iran

September 29, 2006 21:52

The Bush administration again threatened Iran with UN punishment Friday unless it responds positively to demands it cease work on processing uranium. Senior European Union diplomat Javier Solana has been holding talks with Ali Larijani, Iran's top nuclear negotiator. There have been vague reports of some progress, but Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday again rejected calls for Iran to suspend enrichment. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said. "What's going to happen now is that at the ministerial level there is going to be a conversation about exactly what Mr. Solana heard," McCormack said. Still, the spokesman went on, "Absent a positive, clear, authoritative answer from the Iranians that they were going to meet the conditions of international community, then we would expect ... the Security Council would follow through and go down the pathway of sanctions."

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