FBI informant: Terror suspect sought al-Qaida aid in plots to attack US

October 5, 2007 05:04

The leader of a group accused of planning terrorist attacks asked an FBI informant to secure aid from al-Qaida for a plot to overthrow the US government, the informant testified. Narseal Batiste believed the informant, Abbas al Saidi, was a member of al-Qaida and asked him to seek the terrorist group's support when he visited his native Yemen, al Saidi said Thursday. Batiste, 33, once handed al Saidi a flyer that included the defendant's cell phone number, the informant said. Al Saidi testified that Batiste gave it to him so he could provide his contact information to al-Qaida operatives. "He asked me to give that to al-Qaida and asked me to ask for support for their missions," al Saidi said. "He wants an Islamic organization willing to support jihad against the US government and that paper contains his information."

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