From Russian sleeper agent to capitalist bank consultant

Russian bank explains that social network loving red head Anna Chapman was hired for help with innovation in information technology.

October 11, 2010 18:20
Russian spy Anna Chapman poses in a tiara

princess spy 311. (photo credit: Associated Press)

MOSCOW  — A Russian bank explained on Monday that it hired the spy Anna Chapman to help with innovation in information technology.

Monday's statement from FondServisBank is intended to explain Chapman's sudden appearance last week at a remote cosmodrome for the launch of a Russian-American crew. The bank works with aerospace companies.

Who is Russia's 'femme fatale?'
FBI arrests 10 alleged Russian spies

With her flaming red hair and penchant for posting sultry photos of herself on social networking sites, Chapman is the most famous of the 10 sleeper spies arrested in US this summer and then sent back to Russia in a spy swap.

She has avoided the media and the public since her return, so her appearance at the launch site caused a sensation.

In the United States, she was accused of using her technological savvy in her work as a spy.

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