Guatemala, Venezuela deadlocked over UNSC seat

October 18, 2006 00:34

Guatemala led Venezuela in the race for a Latin American seat in the UN Security Council on Tuesday after 22 ballots but could not muster the necessary two-thirds majority needed to win, a deadlock that drew new calls for both to clear the way for a compromise candidate. Both have so far refused and the UN General Assembly scheduled yet more rounds of voting on Thursday by its 192 member nations. That left a day off for Latin American nations to try to find a solution. In the 22nd round of voting, Guatemala garnered 102 votes to Venezuela's 77. That result, similar to that of many of the previous rounds over the last two days, was short of the two-thirds needed to win, and it now appeared that neither would be able to bridge the gap. "It's obvious that the General Assembly is sharply divided and we are facing a deadlock in this election," said the Arab League's UN representative Yahya Mahmassani.

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