Indonesia: Charred ferry sinks, death toll at 42

February 26, 2007 02:19

Authorities were searching on Monday for three people still missing after the charred wreckage of an Indonesian ferry sank while investigators and journalists were aboard inspecting the damage from a fire last week. The gutted wreckage had been anchored near Jakarta's port when it suddenly listed and sank with 16 people on board, several of the journalists said. A cameraman was killed, while another and two police were missing. Four people were seriously injured. "We all rushed for our own safety as the ship suddenly tilted and submerged," Mardianto, a journalist who goes by one name, told his el-Shinta radio station. "I was on the third deck, and had to jump into the water." The accident occurred hours after fishermen and navy officers recovered the bodies of 22 people killed in Thursday's fire, raising that death toll to 42. The bodies included a teenager and a baby.

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