Iran says it will allow wife of missing American to travel to Iran

September 23, 2007 18:14

The Iranian government will allow the wife of a missing American who once worked for the FBI to travel to Iran even though it has no information on his whereabouts, Iran's UN Mission said Sunday. Robert Levinson was last seen March 8 on Kish Island, a resort off the southern coast of Iran, where he had gone to seek information on cigarette smuggling for a client of his security firm. His wife, Christine, believes he did not leave Iran because his name has not shown up on any flight manifests of planes leaving the country, and his passport has not been used anywhere. Iran has agreed to allow Mrs. Levinson to travel to the country following her recent letter to Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, "even though there is no information that would corroborate the presence of Mr. Levinson in Iran," according to a press statement from the country's UN Mission. Mrs. Levinson put in her visa request in early August. "The relevant Iranian authorities have so far made every effort to find any clues as regards Mr. Levinson's case," the statement said.

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