WATCH: Iran unveils new long-range cruise missile in Tehran

Soumar, as the program is called, was manufactured domestically.

March 8, 2015 16:06

New Iranian missile unveiled

New Iranian missile unveiled

Iran unveiled a new long-range missile system on Sunday at a military ceremony in Tehran, according to the Islamic Republic's Press TV.

'Soumar,' as the new long-range, surface-to-surface cruise missile program is called, was manufactured in Iran by domestic experts, and differs from previous missiles both in range, accuracy and precision, according to the country's defense minister, who spoke at the event.

The program was hailed by Iran's military echelon – who were present at the highly-anticipated event along with other senior officials – as an "important achievement" made possible through research and innovation.

The program is seen in Iran as a "crucial step" towards increasing the nation's defense and deterrence abilities, the defense minister said, according to Press TV.

He also added that the upgraded weapons program has already been delivered to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

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