'Israel, Hizbullah guilty of rights violations'

October 4, 2006 17:02

Four rights experts claimed that both Hizbullah and the IDF violated humanitarian law during their recent conflict. A 40-page report was issued to the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday after they visited Israel and Lebanon in September. Israel's ambassador to the United Nations office in Geneva would not comment on specific aspects of the report, saying only that his country welcomed the fact that it criticized Hizbullah for violating humanitarian law. "We will take this (report), we will read it carefully and we will study it article by article," said Itzhak Levanon. But he said the document gave "unwarranted legitimacy to the Hizbullah." Levanon also criticized the report for not mentioning any Lebanese responsibility for the war, or Hizbullah's refusal to heed the UN Security Council call to disarm.

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