'Israel, US shared intel ahead of raid'

Senior Syrian, North Korean officials meeting in North Korea to discuss strengthening ties.

September 21, 2007 09:42
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'Israel, US shared intel ahead of raid'

IAF jet 298 88. (photo credit: AP)

Israel and the United States collaborated on intelligence ahead of an alleged IAF raid on a suspected Syrian nuclear site on September 6, the Washington Post reported Friday. According to the report, Israel informed the US this past summer that North Korean personnel were in Syria to help the country's nuclear program. The intelligence in question reportedly included satellite imagery. In return, the US provided some sort of corroboration. According to US sources, the raid - which Israel has yet to officially confirm or deny - took place overnight to minimize casualties, and secrecy was maintained at such a level that the pilots on the mission were not briefed until after they were in the air. Brookings Institutions analyst Bruce Riedel confirmed that the target of the raid had been "extremely important." "The decision was taken despite [Israel's] concerns it could produce a war," Riedel told the Washington Post. The US has refrained from responding to the action out of concern that it would undermine efforts to persuade North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program. Thus far, little is known about what the North Korean representatives were doing in Syria. While both Pyongyang and Damascus denied this week that they were cooperating on nuclear projects, senior officials from Syria's governing party were meeting in North Korea Friday with senior officials from Pyongyang to discuss strengthened ties.

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