Japanese mayor gunned down by gangster

Nagasaki's Iccho Ito dies after shot twice outside train station by Tetsuya Shiroo, senior member of Japan's largest organized crime group.

April 17, 2007 22:05
Japanese mayor gunned down by gangster

handgun 88. (photo credit: )

The mayor of the southwestern Japanese city of Nagasaki died hours after a yakuza gangster shot him Tuesday outside of a train station, Kyodo News agency reported. Mayor Iccho Ito was shot twice outside the city's main train station by a gangster reportedly disgruntled over damage to his car at a public works site, according to Nagasaki prefectural (state) police official Rumi Tsujimoto. Tetsuya Shiroo, a senior member of Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's largest organized crime group, was arrested on the spot for attempted murder, police said. Shiroo has admitted to shooting Ito with a handgun with the intent to kill, Nagasaki chief investigator Kazuki Umebayashi said in a televised news conference. One of the bullets reached the heart of the 61-year-old mayor, according to hospital official Kenzo Kusano.

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