Jordan: End Israeli occupation, violence will end

September 20, 2006 00:44

Jordan's King Abdullah II said Tuesday that until Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian lands and gives Palestinian their rights, the cycle of violence will continue in the region and its effects will be felt throughout the world. "I come before you today with a deep sense of urgency," Abdullah told the 61st session of the United Nations General Assembly. "Never has it been more important for the world community to act decisively for peace in my region." He said the recent crises in the Middle East - apparently referring to the conflict between Israel and Hizbullah as well as the violence in the Gaza Strip - showed that "there can be no just global order when aggression and occupation are permitted to take the place of international law." "Our youths are asking, 'where is the justice, where is the will of the global community?' We must answer them by establishing a lasting peace based on the international legality we have pledged to uphold," he said.

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