Myanmar: Monks attempt marching to democracy leader's house

September 23, 2007 13:23

A crowd of about 400 people led by monks peacefully abandoned their attempt to get to the house of detained Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi after being turned back at police barricades Sunday, witnesses said. The group, including 150-200 Buddhist monks, had been turned back at one intersection, and then tried another approach, where they were confronted by scores of armed riot police. Two monks went forward to the police lines to negotiate their entrance, but were apparently rebuffed. They then briefly prayed before walking in another direction, after which the crowd began to disperse, the witnesses said. A group of more than 500 monks and sympathizers had been allowed past barricades on Saturday to walk to Suu Kyi's house, where she greeted them from her gate in her first public appearance in more than four years.

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