N. Korea may have used South's waters for nukes

October 10, 2006 10:00

North Korea might have moved nuclear materials used for its recent atomic test through rival South Korean waters, an opposition lawmaker said Tuesday. "There is a high possibility that 13 North Korean ships were used for a nuclear test," said Song Young-sun, a legislator with the main opposition Grand National Party, noting the North prefers the sea route to either an aging railway or an overland transportation due to security and heavy cargo. The ships sailed through the Jeju Strait, a body of water between the South's mainland and southernmost resort island of Jeju. The lawmaker also suspected that nearly 25 percent, or 28 out of the 114 vessels, might have been used for military missions because they passed through the southern waters with no cargo aboard. She did not present any substantial evidence to support her claim.

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