Official: N. Korea test could hurry global treaty

October 18, 2006 13:49

North Korea's nuclear test could generate political momentum for the ratification of a treaty banning nuclear explosions, officials of the international organization overseeing the global ban said Wednesday. The Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, which bans all nuclear explosions, will not enter into force until it has been ratified by 44 states who participated in a 1996 disarmament conference and who possess either nuclear power or research reactors. Only 34 of those nations have ratified the treaty. The holdouts include North Korea, the United States, China, India, Pakistan and Israel. "The treaty is not in force. We hope that the events will generate further political developments leading to the entry into force of the treaty," said Tibor Toth, executive secretary of the Vienna-based Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization.

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