Sponsors of Armenian genocide resolution ask Pelosi to delay vote

October 25, 2007 23:18

US lawmakers sponsoring a resolution that would label the 1915 killing of Armenians in what became Turkey a genocide have asked the leader of the House of Representatives to delay a vote on the measure because they feared it would fail. Support for the resolution deteriorated this month, after Turkey recalled its US ambassador in protest and several lawmakers said they feared it would cripple US-Turkey relations. "We believe that a large majority of our colleagues want to support a resolution recognizing the genocide on the House floor and they will do so, provided the timing is more favorable," the lawmakers told the House leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a letter on Wednesday. The letter was signed by four primary sponsors of the resolution, all Democrats. The group said they would continue to work with leadership "to plan for consideration sometime later this year, or in 2008," they added.

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