Survey shows Australians oppose involvement in Iraq, don't like Bush

October 3, 2007 04:55

About two thirds of Australians oppose their country's involvement in the Iraq war, and overwhelmingly believe joining Washington's war on terrorism has made them more of a target for attacks, a survey published Wednesday showed. The telephone survey of 1,213 Australians by the government-funded US Studies Center at the University of Sydney on defense, foreign and economic issues revealed a string of negative statistics about views on the United States, including that most people don't like President George W. Bush. But the survey also showed that respondents strongly believe the United States is an important security partner for Australia. It also found that a majority of people believe global warming is a more serious threat than Islamic fundamentalism, reflecting rising concern about climate change. The survey found 64 percent of respondents oppose Australia's involvement in Iraq, compared to 33 percent who support it, and 3 percent undecided.

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