UN head-to-be warns N.Korea against 2nd nuke test

October 19, 2006 00:15

South Korea's foreign minister, who was appointed the next UN secretary-general, warned North Korea on Thursday against a second nuclear test, saying such a move would trigger a "much more serious" international response. "We urge again that it's desirable for North Korea to sincerely comply with the UN Security Council resolution and not to take any additional action that would aggravate the situation," said Ban Ki-moon upon his arrival in Seoul from a trip to the United Nations to accept his appointment as head of the world body. "If North Korea conducts an additional test, the response of the international community will be much more serious," he said, without elaborating. North Korea's first-ever nuclear test on Oct. 9 sparked global uproar, prompting the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on Saturday that imposed sanctions while warning Pyongyang not to worsen the situation.

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