US: Democrats increase lead over Republicans

October 27, 2006 04:04

A massive apparent move by the middle class away from the Republicans has 56 percent of likely voters saying they plan to vote to send a Democrat to the House on November 7 compared with 37 percent who said they would vote for President George W. Bush's Republicans, the latest Associated Press-AOL News poll shows. If the tally bears this out a week from next Tuesday, Republican control of the House of Representatives could become a victim of the Iraq war. Voters rated the war and the economy as their top issues in the poll released Thursday. Middle-class voters deserted the Democrats a dozen years ago, but the promise of their return is giving the party its best chance to reclaim the House of Representatives since the Republicans swept Democrats from power in 1994. The AP-AOL survey found voters leaning considerably more toward Democrats in the final weeks of the campaign. Democrats need to gain 15 seats in the House and six in the Senate to control Congress. All 435 House seats and 33 in the 100-member Senate are up for election.

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