US denies Afghan allegations that soldiers desecrated Koran

October 15, 2007 09:11

The US military said Monday it had looked into allegations that soldiers had desecrated the Koran during a raid on an Afghan home and found no evidence that soldiers had defaced the Muslim holy book. The allegations sparked an outcry among villagers in the eastern province of Kunar, who met with the governor, provincial leaders and US military commanders on Sunday over the issue. Kunar deputy provincial governor Noor Mohammad Khan said American soldiers raided the home of Mullah Zarbaz on Saturday morning, arresting him and three others. Villagers alleged that soldiers ripped, knifed and burned a Koran during the raid, allegations that sparked an angry demonstration on Saturday, Khan said. Two Afghan officials had been assigned to investigate the allegations, and a US commander at the meeting Sunday said the military would punish anyone who had defaced the holy book, Khan said.

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