Iranian defense minister: Stuxnet had no impact

Vahidi tells media in Teheran, "The issue is internet terrorism;" claims US should stop arming the "illegitimate Zionist regime."

October 13, 2010 10:49
Iranian defense minister: Stuxnet had no impact

Ahmad Vahidi 248.88 ap. (photo credit: AP)

Iranian Defense Minister Brig.-Gen. Ahmad Vahidi said the Stuxnet worm is "internet terrorism," Iranian news service ISNA reported Wednesday.

Vahidi also reportedly said that the worm, which infected computers controlling important Iranian infrastructure, did not have any impact on Iran's nuclear program.

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"Basically, the issue is internet terrorism, which is expected to be launched by domineering countries," Vahidi reportedly said at a Tuesday press conference after a trip to Azerbaijan. "We do not have any problem on the subject, and officials have taken all required measures."

Vahidi also addressed Israel's purchase of weapons from the US, ISNA reported. "The Zionist regime's problems cannot be resolved through purchase of weapons, it suffers internal problems resulting from its illegitimacy."

"The Zionist regime uses propaganda to conceal its problems and weaknesses. The US authorities should explain to the world why it is arming such a regime," he said.

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