Lieberman: 'Iran is an irresponsible state'

Strategic affairs minister: Discussing Syria, Iranian threat should be done with caution, responsibility.

October 20, 2007 18:21
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Lieberman: 'Iran is an irresponsible state'

Lieberman 248.88. (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)

"In the modern world the dichotomy is not between capitalist and socialist states, rich and poor states etc., but between responsible and irresponsible states," Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said. "Iran is one of the irresponsible states." Lieberman made the comment in a televised interview aired Saturday afternoon. "India, for example, has nuclear weapons for a long time already, and we are not worried by India, no one is worried by India, because India is a responsible state," the minister told Channel Two. When asked whether Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's rushed trip to Russia this week was a result of "panic in the government" following Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Lieberman dodged the question, saying that he "forgot, for the time being, what were the reasons for Olmert's visit." He added, nevertheless, that the reasons were "highly important." On Saturday an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander was quoted as saying Iran has mapped all enemy bases and will launch 11,000 rockets if attacked. When asked how Israel would responf to a barrage of 100 rockets, Lieberman answered impatiently that "this is an example of an irresponsible question. Iran does not have 100 ballistic missiles." When asked about Syrian missiles, Lieberman quipped "Syria has no ballistic missiles at all." The interview seemed to have been filmed over the weekend but before the Iranian Revolutionary Guards made their provocative announcement on Saturday.

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