Life is like a box of chocolates, but this one has cocaine inside

Cocaine hidden in chocolate sweets found at Ben Gurion Airport.

January 4, 2015 11:34

Watch: Israel News in 60 Seconds

Watch: Israel News in 60 Seconds

A very expensive and highly illegal box of chocolates was recently seized by customs officials at Ben-Gurion Airport, after it was found to contain 166 gr. of cocaine.

A single gram of cocaine can sell for NIS 500 or more in Israel, and can be cut with other materials to make a higher amount of powder, depending on the purity.

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The chocolates’ opulent cocaine filling was found by drug-sniffing dogs that zeroed in on the package, which was addressed to a man in Kfar Saba, Sharon subdistrict police said Sunday.

Officers dressed as couriers went to the man’s house and when he claimed the package, they arrested him, police said.
Box of cocaine-filled bonbons discovered at Ben Gurion Airport

The man later told the investigators that he ordered the cocaine on the “darknet,” the private online network popular for illegal activities, where Internet addresses aren’t shared.

Police said they expect an indictment to be issued against the man soon.

In the past July, customs officials found a kilogram of cocaine hidden inside a handicapped sign.

The sign had been shipped from South America and was on its way to Mitzpe Ramon.

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