Israel unveils logo for 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv

Israeli public broadcaster promises tickets will go on sale this month and a host announcement is coming ‘very soon'.

The logo for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv (photo credit: KAN)
The logo for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv
(photo credit: KAN)
Israeli public broadcaster KAN has unveiled the logo for the 2019 Eurovision in Tel Aviv.
The logo is made up of three triangles – two gold and one blue neon – that together form a star. It’s accompanied by the already-announced slogan for this year’s competition: “Dare to Dream.”
Eurovision logo announcement (Credit: Courtesy Kan)
“As the triangles join and combine, they become a new single entity reflecting the infinite stellar sky,” said KAN on Tuesday, “as the stars of the future come together in Tel Aviv for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.”
The logo was designed by the Awesome Tel Aviv branding firm and Studio Adam Feinberg. Many online wondered if it was intended to echo the Star of David, a central Jewish symbol. But a traditional Star of David has six points, while the Eurovision logo’s star has just five points. The KAN Hebrew announcement called it a “golden kinetic symbol... which simulates a star, which corresponds to other Israeli symbols.”
In a video announcing the logo, KAN said that ticket sales for the shows in May would open by the end of the month.
“Just a little more patience,” said KAN host Shachar Geva. “Don’t worry, when sales begin, you’ll know.”
KAN is also asking for patience when it comes to announcing the hosts of the competition.
“You’ll have to wait just a little bit more until the official announcement,” said Geva.
Media reports have been swirling over the past week that Bar Refaeli – who has long been rumored to be the top choice for host – could be out amid her legal troubles.
The state attorney announced last week that Refaeli is expected to face an indictment on charges of tax evasion, money laundering and perjury. Several Hebrew media outlets reported that Refaeli was already considered a shoo-in for the job, but that the news has KAN officials scrambling to rethink things.
A KAN spokeswoman said Tuesday, “The process of choosing the hosts has not yet been completed, and only at the end will the list of hosts for the 2019 Eurovision be announced.”