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An Orthodox Jewish Talmudic seminary student wearing protective suit, gloves, face mask and a face s
Coronavirus: Priestly blessing at Western Wall to be livestreamed

Every year, some 750,000 people visit the Western Wall, with the peak occurring at Sukkot's Chol HaMoed, which happens next week.

An Israeli police officer and an Israeli soldier at a temporary "checkpoint" in Jerusalem, to check
Video of soldiers enforcing protest near Knesset causes political uproar

"We emphasize that the soldiers are operating in accordance with government decisions and as part of the nationwide effort of combating the coronavirus pandemic," the IDF noted.

Portrait of Rabbi Miriam Levinger at her home in Makor Gideon, Hebron, West Bank, on March 8, 2016
Miriam Levinger, mother of Hebron’s Jewish community, passes away at 83

She was the kind of leader that comes about once in a hundred years

Israeli cyber-company Salt Security closes deal with Carrefour, Equinix

Thanks to a unique algorithm and an innovative platform, it offers effective cyber-protection against possible attacks targeting Application Programming Interface (API).

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) flag waves alongside an Israeli flag
Amir Peretz discusses cooperation with Emirati industry minister

"We are a world power of gas and oil" and would be happy to collaborate with you to produce "green energy and clean refining projects, along with other issues."

Jerusalem Old City merchants: Coronavirus restrictions are ruining us

“Because of the coronavirus epidemic, I have had to close my coffee shop for long periods several times. That has killed our business: It’s total devastation,” said café owner Izzat Rajaby.

Memorial for those who fell in the Yom Kippur War, 2020
Netanyahu: Preemptive strike against Iran still an option

Gantz on coronavirus: "We didn't respond as was fit, but we will succeed this time as well."

Liat Ben Ari
Watchdog: Law enforcement must check if Netanyahu prosecutor broke law

The ministry watchdog said this is doubly important during a time when the state prosecution is under a microscope due to its decision to prosecute the prime minister.

Knesset to burn midnight oil on limiting demonstrations

Three detained, including general, at violent protests

Temple Coins introduces limited edition Abraham Accord medallion

The coin, designed by numismatic artist Aharon Shavo, shows the Israeli and UAE flags flying over silhouettes of Jerusalem's Old City and the Abu Dhabi skyline.

Israelis who fell sick with COVID-19 twice: Second time was worse

"I feel like a leper," said one repeat victim, who was first infected in June. "They put it into our heads... that we were immune for at least three months and that we were developing antibodies."

Police disperse mass celebration of Vizhnitz Hassidim after Yom Kippur

The Grand Rabbi of the Viznitz hassidic community Rabbi Yisrael Hager held a celebratory ‘tisch’ gathering attended by hundreds of hassidim in Bnei Brak.

Yom Kippur passes peacefully as prayers held outside

As holiday commenced, top rabbis told followers to keep health rules

Celebrating Bess Myerson, ‘The One and Only Jewish Miss America’

The documentary spotlights her early life and probes the politics of the pageant and how she overcame antisemitism to win.

An MDA medic wearing protective gear against coronavirus waits outside Shaare Zedek Hospital, Jerusa
50% decrease in first aid treatments to bike riders on Yom Kippur

Some 305 people fainted, became dehydrated and felt unwell due to the fast, MDA said.

Nathaniel Felber
IDF soldier injured in terror attack has corona, rabbi asks for prayers

Nethaniel Felber remains in critical condition following the terror attack that took place in 2018.

IDF Home Front Command equips coronavirus hotels for Yom Kippur

All of the hotels have also been equipped with medics, Shofars and proper meals for before and after the fast including 20% more food for beak fast meals.

Israeli parents join youth in int'l strike for climate change action

"You can’t expect a mother to do nothing when their child’s whole future is at risk."

IDF Chief of Staff orders troops to remain on base for a month

Decision comes after spike in coronavirus cases in the military

Israeli kitchens grow in sophistication during COVID-19, designer says

With 18-years of experience in kitchen design, Main Designer at Avivi Kitchens Shlomi Cohen shares with the 'Post' how the pandemic led to a surge of interest in innovative design.

Ofer Malls Group to launch online shopping for customers amid coronavirus

Customers, unable to visit malls due to the coronavirus regulations in place, will now be able to order from their favorite stores and have items delivered to their homes free of charge.

Coronavirus czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu
Gamzu: Public nonchalance, government mismanagement reason for lockdown

The corona commissioner also accepted a portion of the blame himself, claiming that he understands the gravity of the decisions he makes and that they can affect lives as well as livelihoods.

Israeli diagnostic company partners with AID Genomics on COVID-19 testing

As part of the agreement, AID Genomics will finance the purchase of equipment needed to allow Todos' clients to meet capacity requirements.

Israel’s modern Yom Kippur debacle

During the first wave of the virus, Israel bought thousands of ventilators because it thought that’s what was needed. Did it recruit or train staff to use them?

Czech military to purchase 4 Israeli aerial defense batteries

SPYDER is a quick reaction, low-to-high surface-to-air missile system designed to counter attacks by a variety of aerial threats including aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

Protesters demonstrate outside the prime minister's residence in Balfour.
Watch: Virtual 'Balfour protest' draws over half a million online viewers

During Israel's first coronavirus lockdown in March, six months ago this week, Darkenu organized their first virtual protest, which was attended by nearly 830,000 people.

Demonstrators protesting outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence during the lockdown.
Tens of thousands protest against Netanyahu as fines issued for violations

Fines issues to demonstrators for violating social distancing rules * Knesset to reconvene to limit protests following failure to pass bills

Israel under High Holy Day coronavirus lockdown in pictures

A collection of photos showing Israel under its second lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gantz installs mezuzah in office to 'ensure safety, security of Israel'

According to, Gantz said it was necessary to complete the installation of the mezuzah before his trip to "help ensure the safety and security of Israel."

Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein speaks during a press conference about the coronavirus COVID-19,
Health Minister visits United Hatzalah headquarters amid COVID-19

In honor of his visit, American donors Ron and June Daniels as well as Joel and Adele Sandberg gifted life-saving medical equipment to United Hatzalah's volunteer service.

ISRAELI ACTRESS Niv Sultan plays an undercover Mossad agent and gifted computer hacker who is tasked
‘Tehran’ is a groundbreaking Israeli spy show about immigrant identity

"I have been in the business for 33 years, and I have been waiting and hoping that one day there will be characters that show us as Iranians as complex human beings, not just terrorists."

Michael Oren cares more about future of literature than democracy

With success as a historian, ambassador and politician, is Oren now hoping to make his name as a novelist?

Nearly half of all Israelis lie during epidemiological inquiries - report

Approximately 45% of all Israeli who tested positive for coronavirus reported during their epidemiological inquiries that they had no contact whatsoever with other people.

An MDA medic wearing protective gear against coronavirus waits outside Shaare Zedek Hospital, Jerusa
MDA prepares for a challenging Yom Kippur in light of coronavirus pandemic

Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David dispatched an urgent letter to Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, warning him of a complete collapse of the MDA.

Women Advancement Authority seeks to promote women in senior positions

The authority noted that current data indicates a degree of inequality in positions of authority.

Knesset fails to decide on protest regulations as Israel enters lockdown

Edelstein tried to make emergency rules to stop protests • Zohar: “People will see the thousands gathering in Balfour, and on Yom Kippur there will be mass prayers. The 2nd Yom Kippur War awaits us."

Lior Ashkenazi in 'Footnote.'
Eytan Fox’s 'Rabbi' will be first TV project for Tadmor Entertainment

Rabbi will be about a charismatic and influential Orthodox rabbi whose world collapsed when he was accused by teenage male students of sexual advances.

Israel navy
Navy, Defense Ministry test new naval missile system

System will be integrated onto the Sa'ar 5 and Sa'ar 6 corvette missile ships

KKL-JNF leaders outline organization’s strategy

Three KKL-JNF leaders outlined the scope and significance of the organization’s activities in brief remarks at The Jerusalem Post Conference.

Hava Zingboim receives Israeli innovation award

Known as “the Israeli guru of cosmeceuticals,” Zingboim began her career in the US, studying a unique specialization track in advanced cosmetics at Scott & White Medical Center in Texas.

The logo of state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).
IAI employee arrested for trying to sell jet engine parts

A company employee had contacted civilians and offered to sell spare parts for IAI jet engines worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Israel Police prepare for new coronavirus lockdown regulations, Sept. 25, 2020
Police promise new lockdown regulations will be more strictly enforced

While checkpoints were reported in multiple locations over the past week, many commuters reported that they were able to travel between cities without being stopped or questioned.

An empty school is seen after Israel shut schools as part of precautionary measures against coronavi
Outrage as school teacher who committed indecent acts receives light sentence

"What message is conveyed to the victim? To children in general? What message is conveyed to the offenders?"

Commanders disciplined following coronavirus outbreak at Bahad 1

Some 30 cadets at the IDF's Bahad 1 officers training academy were diagnosed with the deadly virus two months ago.

Arkadi Duchin sets his sights on Abu Dhabi

“I’m sure there’s a lot more than horses and sweets there, but I don’t really know what there is. I think it’s a humorous song. I’m not trying to put down anybody.”

Pathological perversion: Assi Meshullam presents an altar of pain

Sculptures showcased by Meshullam form a peculiar place of worship, in a partially successful attempt by the artist to offer an antidote to the religious visuals we know

Yom Kippur, the time to review apologies Israel's leaders owe its people

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: It's been a year of biblical blunders.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a press statement at the PM's office in Jerusalem, o
Netanyahu may end de facto settler freeze, allow plans for 5,000 homes

The move comes in the aftermath of a Channel 12 poll that showed Netanyahu’s Likud party had dropped to 29 mandates, compared to the 36 mandates it had received in the March elections.

Ichilov Medical team at the coronavirus unit, in the Ichilov hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel, July 28, 20
'We are at the height of war - a coronavirus war'

Israel peaks at more than 7,000 new patients in a single day.

US Chamber of Commerce holds panel concerning the future of Haifa’s port

Chairman of the Haifa Port Company board of directors Eshel Armony said that Israel’s growth is “fantastic” and the population keeps growing.

Israel lacks its usual holiday spirit amid new coronavirus lockdown

In the Jewish state, Jews from across the religious spectrum are feeling an aching loss for the spiritual highlights of the year.

Dr. Nimrod Novik and Dr. Ebtesam al-Ketbi are seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
‘Israelis excited about chance to visit UAE’

Israel and the UAE are two leading countries in the region that are driven by science and technology.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
Lapid: Netanyahu made Israel a branch of Republican Party

Lapid criticized Netanyahu for not meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden when he went to Washington.

Computer code and an Israeli flag
IIA to improve speech-recognition services in Hebrew and Arabic

Analyzing Semitic languages such as these has been considered more challenging, hindering the development of high-quality speech recognition tools.

WZO: Promoting aliyah through the Hebrew language

Marina Rosenberg-Koritny, head of the Aliyah Promotion Department, establishes a worldwide Hebrew learning network

Israel of 1993 to Israel of 2020

Jennifer Stern, 50 - from Woodmere, New York To Hashmonaim, 2006

IAF Colonel (res.) Kobi Regev monitors in real-time the participant's simulated flights.
Former IAF pilots offer online combat flight course

The purpose of this new course is to offer a chance to anyone who has always dreamed of feeling what it is like to fly a real combat aircraft.

Moshe Debby – Building trust with clients and the public

For Moshe Debby, founder and chairman of the Debby Group, the establishment of trust is especially important during the corona pandemic.

Gov't allows IDF Intelligence to receive information on civilians – report

The approval, a "general permit for information disclosure," will allow the IDF Intelligence Directorate to receive any information that the Tax Authority may have, on every single citizen.

El Al Israel Airlines planes are seen on the tarmac at Ben Gurion International airport in Lod
El Al's lawyer petitions gov't over identity of new majority stakeholder

El Al's new owner, 26-years-old Eli Rozenberg, challenged after buying NIS 359 million worth of stock: Prove you're the real owner, or the airline's license might be revoked.

TEST TUBE with coronavirus label is seen at the end of January.
IDF Epidemiological Investigation Center can handle 2,000 new cases daily

"Rise in number of cases are out of control," says commander of the center; total of 2,500 investigators will be working by the end of November.

Can we change the caption to: Executives of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ and Jewish
The Garbuz family sends thanks

Lawrence Garbuz, Eliezer Yitzchak ben Shifra, and his family express their gratitude to all of those who prayed on his behalf

Ruth Bader Ginsburg mid-workout
RBG documentary filmmakers reflect on passed judge’s extraordinary life

“She had a sense of humor and a real sparkle to her.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz is seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
Gantz 'concerned' about maintaining Israel’s advantage in region

Engel: It is inevitable that the Saudis will come to the table

Yair Lapid to 'Post': Netanyahu made Israel a branch of Republican Party

The next US administration, Senate and Congress could be led by Democrats who are “extremely angry at Israel’s government.”

Nefesh B’Nefesh chief: Aliyah interest surges despite COVID-19

Since April, 16,000 families have contacted the Nefesh B’Nefesh hotline requesting information about aliyah, which is an increase of more than 300% over the previous year

Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Michael Lurie, head of the land maneuver systems directorate at Rafael
Rafael head of land maneuver systems directorate praises IDF Trophy system

The Trophy system detects missiles when launched and destroys the incoming missile before it can reach the tank.

Israel is heading to coronavirus lockdown amid confusion, debate

The lockdown is expected to start at 2 p.m. Friday. The Knesset will vote on the plan Thursday evening.

IFCJ head Yael Eckstein and Trump's faith adviser Reverend Johnnie Moore, JPost Annual Conference
Jewish, Christian faith leaders discuss Evangelical role in UAE deal

For many Evangelical Christians, and many others in America, there is one core value that unites them – support for the State of Israel.

Honest Reporting CEO Daniel Pomerantz is seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
Honest Reporting CEO speaks at Jerusalem Post Annual Conference

Pomerantz recounted events from his professional and personal life that made him aware of bias against Israel.

Netanyahu is frequent user of White House laundry services - report

While this service is available to all foreign leaders, the report claims that the prime minister is the only one to frequently use it.

EMET Prize winners Bracha Chyutin, Yechezkel Barenholz and Yitzhak Ben Israel, Jerusalem Post Conf.
EMET Prize winners discuss urban planning, nanomedicine

The EMET Prize is known as Israel’s Nobel Prize and is awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to Israeli society.

Former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shaprio is seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
Shapiro to 'Post': Israel will feel Joe Biden’s friendship

Biden “speaks about Israel with an emotion and commitment that is unusual in American politics.”

Rafael executive vice president Dr. Ran Gozali is seen addressing Jerusalem Post Annual Conference
Rafael executive VP to 'Post': We are a cornerstone of Israel's story

One of the best-known creations of Rafael is the Iron Dome missile protection system.

KKL-JNF chairman and CEO Danny Atar is seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
KKL-JNF chairman discusses effects of coronavirus on Israel 2040 plan

KKL-JNF is encouraging new olim to move to the Galilee and the Negev, and Atar declares that the Galilee and the Negev are future economic development engines for the State of Israel.

Bank Hapoalim chief economic adviser Prof. Leo Leiderman is seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annua
Bank Hapoalim chief adviser analyzes Israel's COVID-19 economic prospects

Israel's economy needs political stability and expressed the importance of a government budget for 2021 and a multi-year economic policy plan.

Israeli kids wearing school bags ahead of the first day of school and kindergarten outside their hom
Online learning laptops still not provided by Education Ministry

The head of the the Child Rights Committee, MK Yousef Jabareen, demanded to know when the laptops are expected to arrive.

Sylvan Adams at The Jerusalem Post Conference
Sylvan Adams on promoting Israel globally at Jerusalem Post Conference

Adams's business card lists his title as “self-appointed ambassador at large for the State of Israel.”

Maccabi Tel Aviv can’t hold on vs Salzburg

Early Bitton tally for host yellow-and-blue doesn’t hold up as Austrians rally for pair of 2nd-half markers.

Colian, head of B'Zchutan, Israel's first ultra-Orthodox Jewish women's party, in Beit Shemesh
Beit Shemesh to obscure women's first names on street signs

The names of women important in Israeli and Jewish history such as Anne Frank and Sarah Aaronsohn will have their first names removed.

Former IDF soldier sues BDS activist who slandered her online for $6m.

Rebecca Ram, 26, originally from California, made Aliyah in 2012. She enlisted as an instructor to the IDF Education and Youth Corps.

Postcard from world’s largest collection of Holy Land postcards at Hebrew University
Hebrew U receives world's largest collection of Holy Land postcards

David Pearlman did extensive research on them and provided HU researchers with valuable annotations and a complete catalog of his 130,000 postcard collection. "It has truly been a labor of love."

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny
When Netanyahu and Gantz's indecisiveness kills - analysis

Those who wanted to close down one and not the other dug in their heels and issued threats, while those who wanted to compromise were drowned out by their louder counterparts at the extremes.

Haredi men walk through Mea Shearim, Jerusalem
Yom Kippur synagogue closure will be ineffective among haredim - Analysis

Chief Rabbis split over synagogue closures with Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Lau saying to shut down and Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef saying to keep them open with reduced numbers

The flags of the United States, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are projected on a section
Diplomacy built Israeli-Arab peace. The private sector will sustain it

As the normalization train moves forward, the most pressing question is when, not if, another country jumps aboard.

Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair attends an event at Thomson Reuters in London, 2018.
Blair: Israel-Palestinian peace will come through ties with Arab states

“The foundation of the approach in the region, that Israelis and Palestinians negotiate peace and then the rest of the region joins, is the diametric opposite of what should happen.”

THERE IS now a broad social realization that the elderly are the main risk group that needs to be pr
Haifa U. students launch plan to aid elderly citizens amid lockdown

Upon completion of their training, every student is paired with one specific senior citizen, allowing the relationship to be built over time.

Ultra orthodox Jews from the chassidic Breslev sect protest against PM Benjamin Netanyahu, demanding
Prayer? Protest? What sort of state does Israel want to be?

Who would have thought that the age-old debate over whether Israel is a Jewish or democratic state would be resolved by the coronavirus cabinet?

L to R: Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
Israelis want two-state negotiations, prefer next deal with Arab state

A poll of Israelis has found backing for a two state solution, and support for a deal with Qatar.

No jail time, fine in plea deal for man who threatened PM, family

The court said that it had accepted the lenient plea deal against Zvi Tsabag, age 57, because of his poor health and economic status.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men arrive to pray on the banks of the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv during the rit
Chief Rabbis split on closing synagogues for Yom Kippur

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Lau says close synagogues, Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef says keep them open with reduced numbers

Jerusalem Great Synagogue
Majority of Israelis do not plan to go to synagogue on Yom Kippur - survey

Most religiously observant Israelis still plan to attend services • most Israelis oppose demonstrations during lockdown – and most think Israeli society cannot recover from the corona crisis.

Sudanese leaders return without Israel normalization deal

Burhan and Hamdok met with US National Security Council senior director for Gulf Affairs Brig.-Gen. Miguel Correa, as well as diplomats from the United Arab Emirates.

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