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A closed Mikvah in the Ultra orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim, Jerusalem on March 25, 2020
Why didn’t the ultra-Orthodox take coronavirus seriously? - analysis

Why did it taken so long for the the community to take the epidemic and its dangers seriously?

The Digitell network for pro-Israel Online Activism at the Jerusalem Post annual conference, NY
Strategic Affairs Ministry holds Zoom meeting on pro-Israel advocacy

The discussion focused on the fact that the Corona epidemic has become fertile ground for the spreading of false and antisemitic propaganda against the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Naftali Bennett and the coronavirus – analysis

All the criticism is fine and good and valid. What makes it a bit odd is that it is coming from Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

Rescue flight carrying 206 Israelis takes off from Nigeria

The flight was organized by the Israeli Embassy in Nigeria with the goal of removing hundreds of Israelis who were left stranded after the closure of airports in Nigeria and its neighboring countries

A supermarket in the "purple industrial zone" of Petah Tikvah.
Coronavirus: How to avoid eating all day when confined at home

A nutritionist advises those social distancing and those quarantined how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Olim friends from CA sworn into IDF with family watching via video

The families of both women, Omer Levi and Oria Zisso, had intended on flying in from the US for the induction ceremony until the coronavirus crisis made parents attending the ceremony impossible.

This week in readers' pictures - March 27

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best shots from the week.

The Digitell network for pro-Israel Online Activism at the Jerusalem Post annual conference in New Y
Ministry of Strategic Affairs Convenes Zoom Conference on Pro-Israel advocacy in age of Corona

The Corona epidemic has become fertile ground for the spreading of false and anti-semitic propaganda against the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Merav Michaeli.
MK Michaeli calls for Labor Party members not to enter government

"Amir Peretz shaved his mustache and said "read my lips, I will not sit with Netanyahu." We still believe Amir, I still believe Amir," Michaeli said of the Labor leader's promise before the elections

Nefesh B’Nefesh – Keeping a Virtual Connection with New Immigrants

“It gave me incredible peace of mind to be able to reach out to Nefesh B’ Nefesh.”

TRAVEL ADVISER: Travel in the time of the coronavirus

Business travel too won't suddenly return to normal. There are no conferences planned for the summer, no Olympics in Japan.

Ultra-Orthodox rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Leader of ultra-Orthodox world calls for lone prayer due to coronavirus

Rabbi Kanievsky ruled that anyone not obeying social-distancing orders is like someone trying to murder another, is responsible for causing their death; permits reporting them to secular authorities.

A tourist rests next to a camel under the stars near the summit of Mount Sinai
ASTROLOJEW: First the plagues, then the redemption

The celestial cycles have spoken: the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12 kicked off these traumatic times.

Love of travel in the time of coronavirus: Why I kept going

Why do I keep traveling, even when it's clearly much safer and less stressful to stay home?

Gas station
Coronavirus causes fuel prices to drop in Israel, Energy Ministry says

One liter of 95 RON octane gasoline will cost NIS 4.89 including VAT, marking a reduction of NIS 1.03 or 17.4% since March.

Rivlin writes a letter to world leaders, wishes recovery from coronavirus

"The virus we are facing makes no distinctions for national borders, and international cooperation is vital in fighting it."

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man dips cooking utensils in boiling water to remove remains of leaven in p
Energy Ministry warns: Clean Passover dishes during COVID-19 safely

Many people enjoy using the services of publicly placed containers which are full of boiling hot water as the amount of dishes involved is very big.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz at a press conference
Gantz may block settlement annexation by new government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to apply Israeli law to all Israeli towns in the West Bank, in the framework of US President Donald Trump’s peace plan.

Shai Babad
Finance Ministry: Soaring unpaid leave to cost state NIS 15 billion

The number of unemployment benefit claimants has climbed to almost 939,500, or 22.6% of the workforce.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett at the Defense Ministry on February 25, 2020.
Bennett calls for defense establishment to be responsible for corona fight

Bennett releases corona plan to do 30,000-50,000 tests to identify virus carriers quickly in order to restart the economy

Gantz is being accused of destroying the rule of law - or is he saving it?

Gantz's actions over the last year, including the deal currently being discussed, have helped guarantee that Netanyahu will face trial.

Polish composer Penderecki, who was inspired by Jerusalem, dies age 86

The world-renowned composer and conductor was hailed for such brilliant works as 'Saint Luke Passion’ and ‘The Seven Gates of Jerusalem.’

A member of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September
Theresa Halsa, last of the 1972 Sabena hijackers, dies age 65

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was a special operations soldier at the time, was wounded in the Israeli rescue operation which followed the hijacking.

Israel's war-between-wars campaign against Iran continues

IDF troops patrolling Israeli cities to enforce the nation-wide semi lockdown

Gov't considering quarantining haredi cities over high coronavirus rates

Leader of the ultra-Orthodox world Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky finally instructs community not to pray together in prayer quorums.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the nation on the coronavirus outbreak, March 19, 2020
Government likely postponed to next week due to ongoing disputes

Netanyahu, Gantz meet all night then fight all day.

Ramat Gan residents ask mayor to build 'separation wall' near Haredi city

Ultra-Orthodox communities have seen high numbers of coronavirus patients, leading to controversial allegations toward Haredi Jews.

German journalist withdraws criticism of Israel as 'Corona Dictatorship'

The reporter faced allegations of antisemitism in his journalism.

Reuven Rivlin, Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu meet on September 23, 2019.
Netanyahu, Gantz meeting to finalize unity government deal

Final divides over justice minister, Knesset speaker

JUST GIVE HIM one more chance. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump at the W
Trump congratulates Netanyahu on not-yet-formed government

No final agreement has been reached between Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to form a unity government, but they have made strides in that direction.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recommends Israelis use the namaste greeting to avoid contracting
MPs from across Europe seek Israel’s advice on tackling coronavirus

Several ambassadors to Israel from Europe asked the experts how their countries could better cooperate with Israel.

Blue and White civil war set for Knesset on Sunday

Gantz, Ya'alon face rebellions in parties

Passengers, including Russian citizens, who are evacuated by train to Russia after Ukrainian authori
Thousands of Russians left in Israel as Moscow closes borders

The Israeli Tourism Ministry estimates 5,000 Russian citizens remain in Israel, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Viktorov said.

Schools close in Tel Aviv amid rocket threats
What should we be studying in times of corona?

The novel coronavirus crisis offers a truly rare opportunity for meaningful learning about social, cultural and political realities.

An aerial shot of a Tel Aviv beach
The panic of foreign owners of Israeli property

In ordinary days, pre-coronavirus, as you walked through the bustling cafés, you were, in fact, walking past real ghost apartments.

First the plagues, then the redemption

Horoscope for the month of April.

What do you do during a rocket attack amid coronavirus quarantine?

At the time of writing there's in Israel 59,49 people in quarantine and 3,460 diagnosed with coronavirus in Israel.

TEST TUBE with coronavirus label is seen at the end of January.
Coronavirus test result errors may be a large problem

A doctor noticed the problem on Friday after seeing that the health insurance lab noted his patient as testing positive for the virus, while the health ministry noted the result as negative.

Police officers in coronavirus protective suits
Five found violating coronavirus regulations in Rishon Lezion

The Health Ministry announced on Saturday that 3,460 Israelis tested positive for the virus, 50 of whom are in serious condition.

HAREDIM WALK in Jerusalem in front of a ‘Men Only’ sign – the role of religion in public life will l
Haredi cities lead in number of coronavirus patients in Israel

Jerusalem and Bnei Brak lead the country in numbers of coronavirus patients; Zikhron Ya'akov at the bottom with 12 patients.

‘As if God doesn’t want us,’ millions of Arabs face coronavirus impact

As Mecca and Medina empty of Muslim worshippers, Arab regimes find themselves beseeching their people to stay home.

A rocket is fired towards Israel, in the southern Gaza Strip February 24, 2020
Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation for rocket fire

Rocket fire breaks lull in violence as both sides fight the coronavirus.

Rescue flight carrying Israeli travelers takes off from Costa Rica

In a combined operation which included several Israeli delegations in the area, travelers from Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica itself arrived on the flight.

Labor, Gesher consider joining Gantz in Netanyahu-led government

The expression of interest from both party leaders comes amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic facing the country, and following the split between the Israel Resilience party and Blue and White.

George Washington Bridge between New York City and New Jersey, 2018.
Israel Innovation Authority to develop 'smart cities' with New York

The program was originally announced as part of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's solidarity and trade mission to Israel in July 2019, and will focus on designating up to five 'Smart Cities.'

Druze MK becomes first Gantz ally to rebel

Gantz: Lapid, Ya'alon wanted elections; Lapid: Gantz didn't join because of the coronavirus

INMATES WALK through the Hermon Prison in northern Israel last week.
Israel to release hundreds of prisoners to curb coronavirus spread

Prisoners who are found eligible under the new regulations will go on a 30-day "vacation," under house arrest conditions, at the end of which they will officially be released from prison.

Protesters to Chief Justice: Hands off our democracy

The protest was held against the Supreme Court's decision to force Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein to hold a plenary vote, over which he has resigned.

Haredi residents of Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood
Doctors use posters to urge haredi communities to follow health guidelines

In a letter plastered on the walls of Haredi neighborhoods, they alert the population of the emergency of the situation.

Defense Ministry to rent 20 more hotels for Israelis in quarantine

The ministry is looking for hotels with at least 200 rooms in Tel Aviv and Gush Dan, the Sharon area, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

Israeli police officers seen during a raid on the ultra orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Meah Shearim
IDF to deploy 500 troops to enforce lockdown

PM Netanyahu warns of more restrictions

Latet, IDF, launch initiative to take care of elderly during coronavirus

"We have a more urgent national mission to help seniors in need of food and hygienic products so that they stay home," said Latet CEO and Executive Director.

Reading a book (Illustrative)
Free meet-ups offered with Israeli authors, poets, playwrights on Zoom

The events are intended to be either writing workshops or directed reading and will be open for free to the public.

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda breaks up quarantined Israeli journalists' argument

The argument over which Miranda score was best was broken up by the man himself, in Hebrew.

Real estate market
Rising antisemitism boosts sales of luxury homes in Israel - report

Multiple high-end apartments are available now, and developers are cooking up other luxury projects for the area, according to reports.

Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, attends an election campaign event, in Kfar Ahim, Israe
Benny Gantz: Fourth election is not allowed

"At the end of the path, I believe it is not allowed to drag Israel to a fourth election in this very difficult time when the country is dealing with the coronavirus crisis and its consequences."

Edelstein to 'Post': I am fighting for the Knesset's 'future independence'

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: The former speaker doubles down on his decision to resign and to buck the High Court

A molotov cocktail hit a Border Patrol vehicle near the exit of the Yitzhar settlement.
Netanyahu condemns firebombing of Border Police jeep by Jewish extremists

Forces from both Border Control and the IDF scanned the area shortly afterwards in search of the culprits.

The High Court v the Knesset: A constitutional crisis years in the making

IN CONTEXT: This week witnessed a constitutional crisis decades in the making.

The three-phased attack on Israel's democracy

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Cold War hero Yuli Edelstein became cannon fodder in his master’s war on the judiciary.

The IDF wages war against an invisible enemy: Coronavirus

MILITARY AFFAIRS: The army is prepared to enforce a nationwide lockdown, while continuing the challenge of ongoing training and exercises.

Israel’s elders forced to take on coronavirus, loneliness

For many, social distancing from their immediate family could be a matter of life and death. With no end in sight, the distance can also mean increased feelings of loneliness and isolation.

A MAN wraps fresh matza during Passover in Ashdod in 2016
Corona Virus investing and Pessach: It’s time for Matza

A central aspect of Pesach relates to our current crisis.

An athlete’s perspective from the sideline - interview

Hapoel Beersheba basketball player Ben Eisenhardt opens up about frustration of current hiatus

Gantz lost trust in Netanyahu, but coronavirus made him compromise

As Gantz said in his speech accepting the Knesset speaker post: He chose to do “what’s right for this country”

Yair Lapid: This isn’t a unity government, it’s a Netanyahu government

This statement comes after the Blue and White Party split on Thursday.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen
Mossad's Yossi Cohen goes to war with coronavirus and Iran

It is not a surprise that Netanyahu would turn to Cohen for a mission of the utmost primacy, after the Mossad chief has led dramatic and daring efforts against Iran for years.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet to discuss possible pol
Gantz put Netanyahu’s career on a respirator because of coronavirus

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz have not signed an agreement to form a unity government yet, but Netanyahu already won, because Blue and White has come apart.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein announces that he will leave the role, March 25, 2020
How Edelstein, High Court could have tempered the meltdown - analysis

The actions of both sides may cost the country dearly in restoring a balance and respect between the branches of government.

Why Israel should lead efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Gaza

Israel must adopt prophylactic and preventative measures to help ensure that the people of Gaza have what they need to battle the novel coronavirus.

Concern grows for at risk-population during coronavirus crisis

Over 1 million Israelis reached by the IDF's National Assistance Center in less than a week

New emergency dispatch center opens, focus on fast response and hi-tech

With 30,000 volunteers and unique, innovative hi-tech, the center hopes to assist Israelis in the moments of their greatest need.

Coronavirus: ‘Let us help,’ says group of FSU doctors

The group of young FSU doctors, enrolled in a program to get their Israeli license, sent a letter to health authorities asking to be integrated into the system to contribute in this time of crisis.

‘Zoom Passover Seder’ rabbis hit back at critics

‘Chief Rabbi David Lau is a child, hasn’t opened the books of Torah scholars who discussed the issue’ says one of ruling’s authors.

View from the high point of the Alfe-Menashe settlement in the Israeli area of the West Bank.
Alfei Menashe closes its gates to halt spread of coronavirus

Only residents and non-residents on essential errands, such as caring for an elderly parent or a divorced parent, are allowed to enter.

Bolivian, Honduran armies help evacuate Israelis

Foreign Minister Israel Katz said that this was “an extraordinary operation that proves the determination of the Foreign Ministry to help Israelis around the world."

170 lone soldiers at the IDF quarantine center in Olga

Soldiers are given ‘everything they need’ to feel at home, including Playstation

A man wears a face mask as he walks in a market in Ashkelon while Israel tightened a national stay-a
Grapevine March 25, 2020: Pandemic prayers

The overwhelming majority of synagogues in Jerusalem were closed.

This Week in Jerusalem: Coronavirus drive-thru

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a large portion of the construction projects in the city have been curtailed, and there is concern that things might get worse.

Salute to a Jerusalem book beacon that fell victim to coronavirus

One Jerusalem cultural landmark, if it survives, will never be the same. Earlier this week, David Ehrlich, founder and co-owner of the Tmol Shilshom café, died at the age of 60.

Coronavirus, the environment and urban life

However, post-corona is as yet an indistinct concept, too hazy to consider, especially as we are barely managing to cope with the storm of the pandemic as it rages.”

COGAT slams B'Tselem for ‘exploiting coronavirus’

The Human Rights NGO alleged that the IDF destroyed a coronavirus treatment center in the Jordan Valley.

Nattering with John Graham: Musical ‘naches fun di kinder’

“My pocket money at the time, I think, was a shilling a week.”

Sexual Abuse
Coronavirus crisis sees spike in domestic abuse in Israel

The police will therefore be carrying out regular check-ups at the homes of families in which women were feeling threatened or at risk.

Haredi residents of Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood
Coronavirus and the haredi community

“Let’s put aside for a moment the medical aspect, and consider the economic impact on that sector,” said Moshe Yossef Lefkovitch, a member of the tiny Alexander Hassidic sect.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the shuk in Jerusalem to campaign for municipal elections
The shuk and Israeli politics

“Bibi has forgotten where his most faithful supporters are. This decision will cost him at least two mandates at the next elections, I will see to that personally."

Torah Live: Bringing Jewish education into the 21st century

What Torah Live founder and director Rabbi Dan Roth called “the worst day of my life” turned out to be the inspiration for a completely different approach to sharing Jewish wisdom.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
Just the Facts: Coronavirus domestic isolation

Even if you are not isolated, stay at home and look after yourself and all of us.

These restaurants will feed you during the coronavirus crisis

We have managed to include a variety of cuisines, so experiment and have fun. What you will not find are pizzerias - this week (next week this may change).

The best movies of 2019, dog stories, French films and Jack

Sometimes, nothing will do but a Jack Nicholson movie, but let’s concentrate on his lighter films.

‘Fauda,’ ‘Freud,’ Litchfield ladies and ‘Mrs. Maisel’

One series I was definitely looking forward to was Freud, an Austrian show on Netflix. However, one episode in and I found it a bit disappointing.

New immigrants from France disembark at Ben-Gurion Airport last year
900 new immigrants since beginning of March despite coronavirus

All new immigrants going into immediate 14-day quarantine

‘Jerusalem, In the Footsteps of Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness’

Kroyanker’s latest Hebrew language offering feeds off all sorts of thematic strands and takes on life, architecture, urban ambiance and, in particular, literary content.

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