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Israel launches tenders for desalination, solar power plants

According to documents published by the committee on Wednesday, the Western Galilee plant will be located about 1 kilometer in-land.

Present Reuven Rivlin hosts some 40 heads of state and heads of delegations at the International Lea
Israel's Reuven Rivlin hosts heads of state in his Jerusalem home - watch

The dinner is taking place at the President's Residence.

Emmanuel Macron
French President Macron orders Israeli police out of French church

Legally speaking, the church is a French-held territory outside of France and is under that country's protection.

Habima stages ‘Masada 1942’ to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

he play, which was written by Glenn Berenbeim, with lyrics by David Goldsmith and music by Shuki Levi, is set in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Kushner, Berkowitz cancel trip to Israel

It is not immediately clear if the peace team is going to reschedule the visit

Cast member Jesse Eisenberg attends the premiere of "Zombieland: Double Tap" in Los Angeles, Califor
Jesse Eisenberg to portray resistance-era Marcel Marceau

The film will be opening in theaters in the US and will be available On Demand starting March 27.

IDF joins TikTok, despite national, international security concerns

Chinese technology companies are required to handover data to the communist government, Israeli security experts and US lawmakers have warned.

Israel and Russia signed an adoption agreement on January 22, 2020.
Israel agrees to Russia’s no-LGBT adoptions rule

Israel and Russia signed an adoption agreement on Wednesday, after a decade of negotiations on the matter.

Putin to meet with Naama Issachar’s mother in Jerusalem

Issachar, 26, was sentenced in October to 7.5 years in a Russian prison for allegedly possessing 9.5 grams of cannabis in her luggage, while on a stopover in Moscow on her way from India to Israel.

Finishing touches being put to a monument dedicated to the fallen heroes of the Leningrad siege.
Preparations underway for unveiling of Leningrad blockade heroes monument

Israeli and Russian creative teams have worked together on the monument, an 8.5 meter bronze eternally burning candle.

Stav Meir with his find.
1,500-year-old Greek inscription uncovered by 13-year-old in Caesarea

"I immediately recognized that it was something ancient," the seventh-grader from Caesarea said.

Larissa Trembovler Amir, wife of Yitzhak Rabin's assassin Yigal Amir, registers her Fair Trial Party
Yigal Amir's wife: Disqualify Labor-Meretz leaders

Larissa Trembovler Amir, wife of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin Yigal Amir, has called for Amir Peretz and Tamar Zandberg to be barred from running in the March election for supporting terrorism.

The families of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul at a press conference, August 5, 2018
Goldin family: Don’t return bodies of Palestinians until our son is home

The family of missing IDF soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin has urged the government to stop returning bodies of Palestinians until their son is returned.

Tel Aviv, one of the most instagrammable places in the world

Tel Aviv was ranked no.42 on Big 7 Travel's 'World’s Most Instagrammable Places'

Lahav 433
Public official under investigation for suspected fraud, breach of trust

This development is part of another fraud investigation that is also being held at the NFIU, which became public a week ago, and with it the need to investigate additional suspicions emerged.

Macron begins Jerusalem visit by underscoring France's history in region

Arriving through the Old City's Lion gate in east Jerusalem, Macron will pay a visit to the Church of St. Anne, where the French tricolour has fluttered since the Ottomans gave it to Napoleon III.

New postage stamps to mark Ben Gurion University's 50th anniversary

The stamp was presented to President Rivlin and will be launched on February 4, 2020.

Israel Electric Company HQ.
Israeli power cuts to West Bank ends after Palestinians pay debt

Israel Electric Corp (IEC) began sporadic, three-hour power cuts on Dec. 18 to press for payment of some $519 million owed by the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO).

A pregnant woman
Pregnant 36 year old dies during delivery, baby survives through C-section

A preliminary post-mortem examination revealed that the cause of death was most likely a rupture of the aorta, which occurred on the way to or at the entrance to the hospital.

World leaders arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport – Watch

The lineup of foreign dignitaries includes presidents, prime ministers, monarchs and key officials from a variety of countries from around the world.

A cityscape of Tel Aviv is seen during the night-time in Israel May 27, 2017. Picture taken May 27,
Israel ranked as world's 20th most talent competitive country

The competitiveness of 132 countries was measured according to 70 talent-related variables.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and France's President Emmanuel Macron meet ahead of the
Benjamin Netanyahu to Emmanuel Macron: Join sanctions against Iran

French president tells Rivlin that anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism.

Dota 2 Tournament for Team YP, Gamergy 2014
Eilat to host 12th world e-sport championships

In a huge move for Israel's e-sports scene, the world's largest and most prestigious e-sports tournament will be held in Eilat in November 2020

Tzipi Rimmel and her three-week-old daughter, who died in a car accident on Route 443.
Driver indicted for negligent manslaughter after death of mother and baby

An online fund-raising campaign has raised more than NIS 4 million for the family since the accident, which will be used in part to make their home wheelchair accessible.

Netanyahu seeks green light from White House to annex Jordan Valley

"It's kind of like eating steak in coordination with vegan organizations. You don't have to wait for international approval, you have to set facts on the ground," says MK Bezalel Smotrich.

Roads closed due to heavy rains across Israel

Route 31 from Arad to the Dead Sea Road was closed off following the collapse of part of a mountain on the road near the end of the descent to the Dead Sea.

Holocaust survivors celebrate their bar mitzvah at the Western Wall, January 2020
80 Holocaust survivors celebrate bar, bat mitzvah at Western Wall

"My two children don't live in Israel and I lost my husband a long time ago," said Bella. "This event was closure for me."

Mars AR at the Tower of David Museum
Augmented reality and games enhance visitors' experience at Tower of David

Users will be able to see volleys of arrows shot by the Roman archers against Jewish soldiers and to target 1967 enemy planes, but also to take a stroll with historical characters.

The site of the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz II-Birkenau
Israeli Holocaust survivor shows world her diary from Auschwitz

“I will die shortly and I don’t want the people to be forgotten who were murdered,” Miller-Ehrenwald said.

Yellow-and-blue Maccabi Tel Aviv maintains gap atop table

Central defender Eitan Tibi who is having a dream season scored a late-game brace, marking the first time ever a yellow-and-blue defender had scored a pair of goals via headers in a league contest.

$1.5m. in sales for Israeli carpet firm at Germany exhibition

During the three days of the exhibition, about 1,500 buyers came to see the new collections for 2020, with the group signing $1.5 million in deals and orders.

Rising musician Amitay Lev brings celebration and meditation to his music

The 38-year-old Lev began playing piano at age nine, but quickly switched to bass and performed in a number of rock bands throughout high school.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz on a visit to the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council
Gantz's U-turn on Trump peace plan - Analysis

Why did Gantz suddenly change his mind about the release of Trump's 'Deal of the Century'?

Major road closures are expected as world leaders arrive in Jerusalem for the fifth World Holocaust
Standing at the intersection of inconvenience and history - Comment

Kings, queens, princes, presidents and prime ministers will all be converging on Jerusalem – as if the fulfillment of some Biblical prophecy.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting, January 2020.
Likud gives up on positive campaign strategy

Prime Minister Netanyahu attacked Blue and White at Likud's opening rally, saying "whoever votes for them is voting for a fourth election"

Australian governor-general: 'Never again' is more than just history

The governor-general said that he would not want to see a repeat of the atrocities of the Holocaust, not only as far as Jews are concerned, but to people anywhere in the world.

Israel-Russia talks to release Issachar continue

No headway made toward the discussed exchange of Jerusalem courtyard

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chats with his party's members in Airport City near Tel Av
Netanyahu weighs cabinet, Knesset vote on Jordan Valley annexation soon

Issue of Jordan Valley and Dead Sea sovereignty could now come to a vote at the cabinet Sunday and the Knesset Tuesday, even though there is an interim government.

MK Elazar Stern
Religious Blue and White MKs campaign to attract religious-Zionist voters

"Bayit Yehudi is the Neturei Karta of the religious-Zionist community," said Blue and White MK Elazar Stern.

Britain's Prince Charles wearing a 'Yarmulke,' or Jewish skull cap, during the funeral of former Isr
It's raining royals as Israel prepares for second royal visit in two years

Seemingly just like that, visits by members of the royal family have come from something that Israel yearned for as a sign of international legitimacy.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators protest in London in June 2018
‘BDS campaign ineffective so far’ - research analyst

The Jewish state has continued to thrive and has become known as the start-up nation.

World Holocaust Forum events set to start with leaders of 49 countries

“I welcome the leaders from around the world who are coming here, to Jerusalem, to mark with us 75 years to the liberation of Auschwitz,” he said.

Hani Solish, 19, from Netanya, and Sarah Klapman, 24, from Jerusalem
Two ultra-Orthodox young women jump to their deaths in Jerusalem

Suicide note indicates at least one girl was leaving faith and feared disappointing her family.

PROSECUTOR FATOU BENSOUDA waits for the start of trial.
Israel at the ICC - Judges tell Prosecutor: Your brief was too long

Ruling likely to delay decision on Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Government approves Haifa Port privatization plans

The incoming owner will be required to invest approximately NIS 1 billion in the port, including the cost of upgrading infrastructure and financing the layoff of approximately 200 workers.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a conference in Jerusalem Wednesday. Will the US act
First Netanyahu immunity hearing will be held on Thursday, Jan 30

Even before approving the Knesset committee, the regulatory committee published the dates for the Knesset committee hearings on the immunity requests of indicted MKs Netanyahu and Katz.

Rabbinical courts' use of polygraphs in divorce proceedings ‘unnecessary’

A women's rights organization expressed concern regarding the use of polygraphs tests by the rabbinical courts in divorce proceedings.

Israel humanitarian organization Natan to aid Gaza civilians

Natan will provide medical and trauma aid in a newly built Gaza Health Center

Georgian president: Israel can voice our concerns to Russia

Salome Zourabichvili, a former Iran sanctions negotiator for the UN, says world is ‘back to square one’ in curbing Tehran’s nuclear aspirations

Jewish settlers slam Gantz: International community wants us in court

Blue and White leader slammed for saying Israel should coordinate annexation of Jordan Valley with the international community.

Peres Center hosts foreign leaders for World Holocaust Forum

During this meeting with the center's chairman, the visiting heads of state aim to discuss peace and innovation in accordance with the vision and legacy of Shimon Peres.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz (C) tours the Jordan Valley, January 21, 2020
Benny Gantz calls for annexation of Jordan Valley

Netanyahu immediately challenged Gantz to prove his commitment to what would be a highly controversial step by calling on him to immediately implement the annexation through the Knesset.

Bennett: We’ll impose sovereignty on Area C, halt Palestinian building

“The state of Israel is not the United Nations,” he said.

IDF, State to Supreme Court: Petition of women in tanks 'irrelevant'

State attorneys have argued that the military's decision to continue the pilot program renders the Supreme Court's intervention irrelevant.

Auto giant Daimler to test pioneering Israeli waste-to-plastic solution

The thermoplastic designed by UBQ, based in Kibbutz Tze’elim, was named last year as "the most climate-positive material on the planet."

Thousands of officers to secure Jerusalem for Auschwitz memorial

Dozens of world leaders and dignitaries arriving in Israel for mass commemoration.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting, January 2020.
Netanyahu to TBN: Everyone should rise up against the ICC

"Iran is openly declaring every day that it wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth – and, by the way, Israel today has a population of more than six million Jews."

Israel experiences snow, rain as winter storms continue

Mount Hermon ski resort is closed to visitors after it received 15cm (5.9 in) of snow overnight.

WIZO in Strasbourg, 2009
A Heroic Past, an Exciting Future: At 100, WIZO is just getting started

WIZO’s success can only be fully understood in the perspective of time.

Steve Vai joins lineup of Red Sea Guitar Festival

American guitar legend Steve Vai is returning to Israel to reveal more alien guitar secrets.

Texas governor anti-BDS bill law
Texas governor receives Friend of Zion award for support, advocacy

The award by the Friends of Zion Heritage Center is given to world leaders for exemplary support of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

The Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque are seen from Silwan.
Arab family to be evicted from east Jerusalem home on formerly Jewish land

Jewish heirs can reclaim property left in east Jerusalem, according to Israeli law.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomes Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside D
Israel, United Kingdom building 'new strategic relationship'

The Brexit referendum and ensuing uncertainty has seemingly not dampened the trading spirit, with Israel becoming the first country to sign a post-Brexit continuity trade agreement with the UK.

75% of Israeli public does not regularly read nutritional info on food

Against the backdrop of reforms in labelling requirements, the Israeli Consumer Council via the Geocartography Survey Institute conducted a survey on Israeli consumer habits

A year after Yehuda Biadga, Ethiopian-Israeli community still sees racism

Shooting of Yehuda Biadga – and, not long after, of Solomon Tekah – underscores plight of demographic that wants answers.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on the night the 22nd Knesset voted to disperse
Yuli Edelstein strikes back at Likud threats

Netanyahu and his political allies said Edelstein lost his chance to become Israel's next president because he did not block the Knesset plenum from convening.

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon speaks at the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, F
Ya'alon to 'Post': Gantz more serious on annexing Jordan Valley than Bibi

“Gantz, as chairman of Blue and White, has said very clearly that the Jordan Valley will remain [Israel’s] forever.”

An IAF F-35 plane at the bi-annual Blue Flag drill a massive exercise with pilots from the United St
Israeli F-35 jet accidentally reveals location over nuclear facility

According to the source, the aircraft revealed itself at an altitude of 31,000 feet over the nuclear facility when the pilot turned on a non-encrypted transponder.

BIRD Foundation okays $1 million grant for Israel-US drone project

The collaboration between BWR Israel and Easy Aerial USA will allow one operator to simultaneously operate multiple drones with several different tasks from an advanced command center

Otzma refuses to withdraw from election Ben-Gvir says

Far-right leader says he was offered ministerial positions, jobs in the national institutions, and even the role of an Israeli ambassador.

Ara Malikian as likely to blow his audience away as beguile them

Grammy-nominated eclectic violinist mixes Bach and Led Zeppelin to sublime effect

Benjamin Netanyahu announces that if reelected, he will extend Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan V
Smotrich asks Netanyahu to hold vote on Jordan Valley annexation next week

Smotrich's proposal was also seen as a threat against Netanyahu that his vote in favor of immunity could be lost if Netanyahu does not initiate the vote on the Jordan Valley.

Hangman’s noose
Shin Bet sued by Otzma for NIS 2.5m. for alleged Jewish informant suicide

The activist was indicted for a mere price tag attempt after heavy Shin Bet interrogation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US envoy Brian Hook and US Ambassador David Friedman
The team behind the US 'Deal of the Century' is heading to Israel

The team is still considering whether to release the plan before Israel's election in March

A STATUE of Martin Luther King.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day still relevant in current era

Also known as MLK Day, it was largely overshadowed in Israel this past Monday by pre-election political shenanigans

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman at an awards ceremony for the
Shin Bet chief Argaman: We thwarted 560 terror attacks this year

Argaman was speaking at a ceremony to give prizes to top performers in the country's intelligence agencies.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Yuli Edelstein at swearing in of 21st Knesset
Will Netanyahu bring down Yuli Edelstein with him? - Analysis

Edelstein, who lived in Gush Etzion for 20 years, thereby joined the community of accused "left-wing traitors" that includes hawks like Gideon Sa'ar, Moshe Ya'alon and President Reuven Rivlin.

Israelis won't see any visiting foreign leaders in Jerusalem

High barricades and security checkpoints placed along the streets surrounding the President's Residence ensure that not even Rivlin's next door neighbors will have any luck seeing foreign dignitaries.

Israeli director to make new Hitler comedy

The film follows the success of Taika Waititi’s 'Jojo Rabbit,' which received six Oscar nominations.

Horoscopes for Hodesh Shvat 5780: A hint of the new era to come

2020 is a spiritual shkiah period, and hodesh Shvat 5780 is a hint of the new era to come. May Asher-like abundance and generosity to others be our inheritance.

Cluster of explosive devices land near Jerusalem

Incident comes after dozens of others landed in southern Israel over the last week.

A McDonald's Big Mac burger.
Burgernomics: How the Big Mac suggests the shekel is too weak

Economists have compared the price of a Big Mac worldwide to gauge the relative strength of currencies - but the results should be taken with a pinch of salt.

At least two severely injured in explosion northeast of Haifa

Other Israeli media reports say that four were seriously injured in the explosion and that all are severely burned.

ETHIOPIAN CHILDREN attend Jewish studies class while awaiting immigration to Israel, in Gondar.
Chief Rabbinate accepts position recognizing Beta Israel as Jewish

The step comes after several high-profile cases in which the Jewishness of Ethiopian Jews was challenged by rabbinic authorities.

Leah Goldin, mother of Hadar, speaks at a press conference, August 5, 2018
‘Get our sons out of Gaza just like you’re freeing Naama from Russia’

Hamas is also holding two civilian captives who wandered into Gaza: Ethiopian-Israeli Avera Mengistu and Bedouin-Israeli Hisham al-Sayed.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely
Hotovely, Hanegbi, Akunis receive vacant ministries

The cabinet will approve the new appointments Tuesday.

Sunbathers visit the Mediterranean Sea at Dor Beach, northern Israel August 28, 2018. Picture taken
Israel ranks No. 29 'Overall Best Country' in new report

It is “very highly developed in... life expectancy, education, [and] per capita income," but "has one of the most unequal economies in the Western world, with significant gaps between rich and poor."

IDF to receive NIS 2 billion for protection against rockets

Funds reportedly passed on Sunday following meeting of defense and finance officials.

Monday morning's accident that claimed the life of a 65-year-old man in Tel Aviv
Jerusalem expects snow on Tuesday, mayor warns drivers to use caution

Three people died on Sunday night, Monday in what appear to be weather-related traffic accidents.

Apple's Siri calling Rivlin the "President of the Zionist Occupation State"
Apple's Siri calls Israel 'Zionist Occupation State'

Apple corrected the problem with Siri now saying that "Reuven Rivlin is the President of Israel," yet it has yet to formally address the controversy.

20,000 pilgrims flock to Jesus’s baptismal site on Jordan River (January 2020)
20,000 pilgrims flock to Jesus’ baptismal site on Jordan River

Qasr al-Yahud (“the Castle of the Jews”) is located in the West Bank about 40 km. east of Jerusalem, on the border with Jordan. It is one of the holiest sites in the Christian world.

Chelsea players Ruben Loftus-Cheek (left) and Cesar Azpilicueta (right) and stand in front of the cl
Chelsea unveils mural with Jewish soccer players murdered at Auschwitz

English soccer club also becomes first team to formally adopt IHRA working definition of antisemitism

IDF vehicle hit by train in southern Israel

The vehicle stalled on the tracks during a navigation training for combat soldiers in the South.

Hangman’s noose
Shin Bet blamed for suicide of alleged Jewish informant, lawsuit filed

The family of the Jewish settler, who killed himself roughly two years ago, is suing the security service for 2.5 million NIS.

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